Early Prime Day Deal: Save up to 54% on Hatley’s colourful kids raincoats

No one wants to be caught in the rain so prepare for winter and save up to 54% on Hatley’s printed raincoats for boys and girls on Amazon.

Buy now: Save up to 54% on Hatley Printed Raincoats from Amazon

Kids can be among the harshest of critics but they’ll be hard pressed to fault Hatley’s stylish design which can be yours for as little as £15.13 in this fantastic early Prime Day deal.

Admit it, even though we’re enjoying an intense heatwave, thoughts of winter have started creeping into your mind. The rainy days, the biting cold – it’s inevitable. If you have children to look after then it seems like the problems of winter are only exacerbated, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hatley has designed its children’s raincoats to take on the winter blues with eye-popping colour and artistic flare. For example, the boys are treated to a sunny-day yellow with illustrations of a fire truck while the girls can indulge in a cherry-red design with galloping horses. These are only some of the many different designs available.

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All coats are fully lined and long sleeved to ensure that kids can’t feel any of the surrounding cold, leaving them to concentrate on important things such as deciding which foods they don’t like to eat this week.

The coats also have a dedicated name tag section for you to list all the appropriate details should they become lost.

Hatley might not be a hugely familiar brand to people in the UK but the Canadian company has been producing quality children’s clothing for over 30 years. By appealing to children of all ages, Hatley’s has learned a thing or two about bringing great fashion to the minuscule masses.

Buy now: Save up to 54% on Hatley Printed Raincoats from Amazon

Due to the premium nature of Hatley’s clothing, it’s rare to find them at a truly affordable price but with a saving of over 50% available right now, how can you not jump at the chance?

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