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Deezer offering 3 months free on its Family, HiFi and Premium subscriptions

Stuck at home and bouncing off the walls in these strange times? Well Deezer are offering the chance to sign up to its music subscription service with the tempting offer of three months free

That’s three months of free access on either of Deezer’s Family, Premium and HiFi subscriptions.

Premium (£9.99/m) offers new signs up unlimited access to music, podcasts and radio with no adverts. Join now and that’s a saving of £29.97.

Family allows for six different profiles to be set up so you can share it with the family with up to 13 connected devices. A standard Family subscription costs £14.99/m, so three months means you save £44.97.

HiFi is the tier to get if you’re a music enthusiast with CD-quality level of music. As this is the most expensive option at £19.99/m, it also offers the best savings. Three months free saves you £59.97.

The deal ends on 30th April 2020 so you can sign up now, or wait until the 29th April and reap three months free of music. You can cancel the subscription any time.

For those looking after playlists, podcasts and radio content designed for life on lockdown, check out Deezer’s “Stay at Home” channel.

Deezer’s library offers access to 56 million songs (53 million in CD-quality format). Paying subscribers – or anyone who takes advantage of this deal – can use the 360 by Deezer app, which offers a number of songs in Sony’s new and immersive 360 Reality Audio format.

“Whether you’re alone or staying at home with your family 24/7, isolation can be challenging. Music, podcasts and radio can really help with your home routine. We wanted to make sure that everyone can use Deezer’s paid features for free for three months. That way, families can focus on doing the best they can and make each day count,” said Laurence Miall-d’Aout, Deezer’s Chief Commercial Officer.