Deal: Save £150 on this stellar Sony 4K HDR TV

HDR is the new thing in TVs and if you don’t want to shell out for the top-end HDR offerings, there’s a great deal to be had on an affordable alternative.

We said the Sony KD-55XE70 was great value at £900 when we reviewed it, but now you can get it a whole £150 cheaper.

If you head over to, the same TV, which usually costs £900 complete with 4K and HDR functionality, is now £750.

BUY NOW: Sony KD-55XE70 4K HDR TV now £750 at

Trusted Reviews’ Home Technology Editor, Ced Yuen, said: “In my review, I called the 55-inch Sony XE70 a great value TV. I thought it was a good deal at £900, but with £150 off that suddenly becomes a real bargain.

“It doesn’t have the specs to rival the UHD Premium TVs that cost easily over £1000, but it does plenty right in the way of colour reproduction and fine detail. It’s more than capable of giving you a taste of what 4K and HDR is about.”

HDR means the image on-screen will be brighter and more detailed, with more natural colour and a generally more dynamic picture.

And while the Sony’s XE70 series is the company’s most affordable range of 4K and HDR TVs, this 55-inch version is a standout set for the price, even more so considering the discount.

BUY NOW: Sony KD-55XE70 4K HDR TV now £750 at

You won’t get compatibility with Dolby’s fancy version of HDR – Dolby Vision – or Hybrid Log Gamma, but the ability to playback standard HDR 10 content is a big plus point for the 55XE70.

With a sharp picture, excellent colours, and even a low-latency game mode, this is a TV worth snapping up – especially while it’s discounted. So what are you waiting for?

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