Deal: Grab the HP VR headset for a massive £100 off RRP

They haven’t been out long, but HP’s VR headset is already on discount. 

The deal’s over at Amazon, where you can grab the HP Mixed Reality headset for £300. This includes the headset itself and two touch controllers.

Windows Mixed Reality is Microsoft’s entry into the world of VR. We’ve already reviewed the platform, and concluded that there’s a lot more to come. The fact these headsets will support SteamVR, ie what the HTC Vive also supports, is a huge deal, and means these headsets are practically as good at gaming as a Vive or Oculus Rift, and come in a fair bit cheaper.

BUY NOW: HP Mixed Reality for £300

Early adopters on Amazon have been positive about this HP model, with one reviewer saying:

“I’m actually overwhelmed by how good this headset is! The image quality is a massive improvement when compared to the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Gear VR. It has a noticeably higher resolution and reduced screen door effect, text is crystal clear and watching movies in VR is now really immersive with the improved image quality.

The only downside to this particular mixed reality headset is the slightly reduced field of view, around 105 degrees (depending on GPU) compared to Oculus’ 110 degrees. but I believe the quality of the image itself more than makes up for that. And with SteamVR coming to Windows Mixed Reality in the coming wtreeks, I really think that choosing this or one of the other MR headsets over the Oculus is the smart choice right now. Especially if you want to use virtual desktop and watch movies in VR as well gaming.”

BUY NOW: HP Mixed Reality for £300

Fancy being an early adopter yourself? Head to Amazon now to claim your discount.


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