Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboards don’t get much cheaper than this

Overclockers UK has pumped out one of the best mechanical gaming keyboard discounts we’ve ever seen, with full mechanical performance for under £50 in a great Black Friday deal.

Mechanical keyboards don’t often come in below £80, so when an offer on a fresh, brand-new model comes up for £50, they’re bound to sell fast. This Cooler Master MaskerKeys S model gives you the essential Cherry MX keys and a compact design.

BUY NOW: MasterKeys S PBT Cherry MX Brown: £50, saving £30

For those who’ve never tried a mechanical keyboard, remember this key phrase: “Once you’ve clacked, you’ll never go back”. In other words, once you’ve felt the clicky responsiveness (and heard the clacking sound) of a mechanical keyboard, you’ll find it hard to adjust back to your rubbish old cheap-o keyboard.

It’s not true for everybody, but many people do indeed love the feel of mechanical keys.

Cherry MX, for those not in the know, is the de facto supplier for most mechanical keyboards. The company’s keys are guaranteed for 50 million presses, too. Brown doesn’t denote the colour of the keys, but the mechanism behind them. Brown keys are one of the most tactile around, and are great performers in both typing and gaming activities.

BUY NOW: MasterKeys S PBT Cherry MX Brown: £50, saving £30

Cooler Master has put its own stamp on this board, with higher-quality PBT (polybutylene) plastic key caps for greater durability.

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