Best Soundbar Deals for July 2018

Best Soundbar Deals: If you’re looking to take the sound quality of your TV to the next level without completely rearranging your set-up, check out our latest list of soundbar deals.

Modern television sets are great with the visuals, but one area where virtually all of them could use some assistance is in the audio department. As good as your TV may be, your experience can almost certainly be enhanced by hooking up a decent set of stand-alone speakers.

That’s especially so given the ever-shrinking nature of our TVs. The extreme slimming down of our screens might be great for positioning and saving space, but it’s actively detrimental to sound quality. Speakers, you see, require space to deliver suitably rich sound.

Of course, hooking up a traditional set of speakers typically involves moving everything around, not to mention a whole lot of rewiring. This is where soundbars come in.

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These compact, elongated speakers sit neatly under or above your TV, and can even be wall-mounted. All the while, they greatly enhance the sound volume and quality coming out of your TV. They can even include such high-end features as Dolby Atmos, if you’re willing to spend a little more.

You needn’t worry about audio separation either. Soundbars can offer a variety of outputs, from classic 2.1 (which incorporates a separate subwoofer) right up to multidirectional 7.1 surround sound.

Another option here is a soundbase, which is essentially a flattened, toughened soundbar that your TV can sit on top of.

Basically, if you’re in any way serious about watching films or box sets at home, you should seriously contemplate investing in a soundbar. Thankfully, there’s a huge range to pick from, and a whole load of enticing deals at any one time.

We’ve got you well and truly covered on that front. These are the latest soundbar deals from some of the UK’s biggest online retailers.

We’ll be keeping these deals up to date over the coming weeks and months, with special attention paid to Amazon Prime Day on July 16 and 17. Then of course there’s Black Friday towards the end of the year, which we’ll also be monitoring.

All prices were correct at time of publication but are subject to change. If you spot a deal you want, be sure to snap it up before it goes.

Best Amazon Soundbar Deals

Amazon is always a great source of soundbar deals especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member because some deals are exclusive to subscribers. Luckily you can always sign up for a free trial to take advantage of these deals and nab yourself next day delivery.

Best Amazon Soundbar Deals

LG LAS355B 2.1 Channel 120 W Wired Woofer | Now £70, save £80

This budget-friendly LG soundbar delivers 120 watts of power and includes a wired subwoofer to deliver some low-frequency oomph. All in a tidy package.

Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar with Built In Subwoofer | Now £229, save £119

The Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar got a top review from Trusted Reviews. With £100 off it's an even better choice. This has a built-in subwoofer, which helps cut down on space all the while delivering some seriously impressive sound.

Sony HT-CT290 300 W Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI and Wireless Subwoofer | Now £179, save £71

This 300W Sony soundbar has plenty of power and includes a convenient wireless subwoofer for giving the bass some serious kick. You can use HDMI ARC to connect to your TV with just one cable and there's Bluetooth support for your other devices, too.

LG SJ5 Soundbar | Now £200, save £100

A massive saving on this stylish LG soundbar that includes a subwoofer for that room-shaking bass. It packs in an impressive 320W of power.

Samsung HW-M360 Soundbar 2.1 Bluetooth | Now £165, save £34

An excellent value 2.1 soundbar with easy setup and the ability to stream music directly over Bluetooth.

Best John Lewis Soundbar Deals

John Lewis not only price matches its competitors but it also gives you 2 year warranties on many of its soundbars to help set it apart.

Best John Lewis Soundbar Deals

Panasonic SC-HTE80 Speakerboard Bluetooth Sound Base | Now £115

This soundbase model slips effortlessly underneath your TV or onto a shelf and ups the 'wow factor' of your TV sound. This soundbase has a pair of subwoofers to really give your films some oomph. John Lewis provides a 2-year warranty to round off a great choice.

LG SJ2 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer | Now £129

A compact and attractive soundbar that complements your TV while bolstering its sound. This includes 160W of power and a wireless subwoofer you can conveniently hide away out of sight. This model also includes wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Includes a fantastic 2-year warranty.

Canton DM5 Bluetooth Sound Bar | Now £299

Canton is a brand synonymous with high-end audio, so it's little surprise it makes a fantastic-sounding soundbar. This model includes clever features like 'Hotel mode' so you can limit the maximum volume so no one can annoy the neighbours.

Samsung HW-N400 Bluetooth All-In-One Sound Bar | Now £299 with 6 months Deezer

You can get this decent entry-level soundbar a little cheaper elsewhere, but John Lewis includes a 6 month Deezer Premium+ trial and its usual 2 year guarantee

Best Currys Soundbar Deals

Currys has regular sales event and more often than not include some great discounts on a range of soundbars fit fo every budget.

Best Currys Soundbar Deals

JVC TH-D337B 2.1 Sound Bar | Now £79, save £91

If you're on a tight budget, this is a great choice for not a lot of money. It has a wired subwoofer for extra bass impact and has optical and Bluetooth connectivity.

LG SJ4 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar | Now £159, save £110

This LG soundbar packs in a powerful 300W of output and includes all the connections you could want, including HDMI, optical and Bluetooth. There's a wireless subwoofer, too.

Panasonic SC-HTB688EBK 3.1 Wireless Sound Bar | Now £199.99, save £80

This Panasonic option comes with 300W of output power and has a 3.1 arrangement. That means there's an extra centre speaker channel, which ensures better dialogue separation. Perfect if the dialogue is what you struggle hearing from your TV.

Yamaha YAS107 7.1 Sound Bar | Now £229, save £21

This more premium soundbar includes a whopping 7.1 arrangement, packing in lots of speakers into its discreet design. It also has advanced features including 4K HDMI pass through, ensuring you don't lose a HDMI connection if you opt for that connection method. The subwoofer is built-in rather than separate, too, which is great news if space is limited.

Samsung HW-M460 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar | Now £210, save £139

A smart wireless soundbar complete with wireless sub, plus 9 months of Deezer Premium, all with a large chunk of change off the final price.

Best Argos Soundbar Deals

Right now, Argos is a good bet if you want a soundbar for cheap as it’s got some great budget-friendly options. Argos is a good shout if you collect Nectar points, too, as you can not only collect them on your spend, but you can also spend your Nectar points at the retailer to save some money.

Have a look at the Nectar site to see what offers are currently available as there are occasional double point incentives.

Best Argos Soundbar Deals

Panasonic HTB8 80W 2Ch All In One Sound Bar With Bluetooth | Now £69

This budget-friendly option from Panasonic is great because it also includes Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can play audio off another device like a phone or tablet, as well as connecting to your TV through its optical connection.

LG LAS260B 100W 2Ch All In One Sound Bar With Bluetooth | Now £69

This LG soundbar delivers a respectable amount of power for not a lot of money. It also includes Bluetooth and connects through a simple optical cable.

LG LAS355B 120W Bluetooth Sound Bar With Sub | Now £89

If you stretch a little further you not only get a little more power output but also a subwoofer to deliver more bass emphasis. All for a still very budget-friendly price.

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