Best Headphones Deals for March 2019: Cheap wireless headphones and more

Best Headphones Deals: Picking up a set of cheap headphones can transform your listening experience. Just make sure you grab the right ones.

A good set of headphones is a wonderful thing. It can completely transform tracks that you thought were familiar to you, bringing out fresh sonic details.

The difference will be especially pronounced if you’ve only ever used the earphones that shipped with your smartphones. No matter how shiny they might look, they’re rarely much cop.

You might grumble at the thought of spending big money on a new set of headphones, but you won’t have to break the bank to see significant sonic improvements. Even £50 or less, when spent wisely, can result in a major upgrade.

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The TrustedReviews teams has run through the ideal options in our Best Headphones guide (linked above). If you scroll down to the bottom of this feature,  meanwhile, you’ll find  some tips on shopping for a new set of headphones.

Before we get to that, thought, let’s take a run through the latest headphones deals on the market. You’ll find that we’ve broken the deals up by retailer. We’ve also been sure to include a wide range of headphones at a variety of price points, so there should be something here for pretty much everyone.

We’ll be updating these on a regular basis, so be sure to check back if you don’t see a deal that takes your fancy.

All prices were correct at the time of publication, but do tend to change quickly. Act fast if you want to snap up a bargain.

Best Headphone Deals – Amazon

Best Headphones Deals – Argos

Best Headphones Deals – Currys

Best Headphones Deals – John Lewis

One of the best parts about buying from John Lewis is its excellent 2-year guarantee on headphones.

Best Headphone Deals – eBay

Choosing a headphone deal

If you’re after a pair of headphones you should be crystal clear what type you want, as the come in a number of different shapes and sizes.

First you need to consider form factor. Over ear headphones can offer fantastic audio quality and the best noise isolation, but they’re pretty chunky as a result. On ears are a little smaller but offer less impressive noise isolation, so if you’re walking around London or in an office you’ll still hear a lot of background noise. In-ear are the most discrete option and are the form factor most people opt for.

Then you need to consider what you want them for. If you’re after a pair to use in the office or while traveling, you’ll want a set with ANC (active noise cancelling) which will help block out background noise, like the hum of an engine. If you want to use them in the gym, you’ll want to invest in a sports set with sweat resistance and wing or clip tips. If you plan to use them with your phone, given how few modern handsets have a 3.5mm jack, you’ll probably want to think about going wireless.

After all that you’ll want to think about price. As a rule of thumb headphones are an area where you get what you pay for, so if you care about audio quality it’s always worth investing a little bit more. The difference between some £70 and £100 sets is palpable.

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