Cheap 4K Projector Deal: Acer M550 goes under the knife at Amazon

4K projectors cost more than a pretty penny these days, so it’s nice when you can grab a handy discount. This 4K Acer model over on Amazon looks very attractive indeed. Especially

The Acer M550 is one of the company’s new models that fits firmly into the mid-rangle. It rivals the Optoma UHD550X in the £2000 projector space. However, for today only, you’ll be able to save £450, with the M550 dropping to £1549 in an Amazon daily deal.

BUY NOW: Save £450 on Acer M550, now £1549

What will your £1549 get you? A full 4K resolution along with a 2900-lumen lamp. A bunch of handy software tricks should help upscale non-4K content to something more palatable, and a 19dBA fan keeps things nice and quiet.

This isn’t a projector we’ve reviewed and the only reviews on Amazon are from customers who’ve received the M550 as part of the Vine program.

As this is a mid-range projector, it isn’t for top-of-the-range cinephiles, as it won’t have all the bells and whistles that high-end aficionados would usually expect. However, as a way to fill a wall with 4K images from your Sky box, it’s a decent bet, if not perfect for immersive movie viewing.

BUY NOW: Save £450 on Acer M550, now £1549

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