You can take £50 off the newly released Fitbit Ionic for Black Friday

The Fitbit Ionic may have only recently been released, but thanks to Currys you can already save £50 as part of Black Friday.

Buy now: Fitbit Ionic just £249.99 at Currys, save £50

The Fitbit Ionic is the company’s first fully-fledged smartwatch, bringing together its fitness tracker experience with smartwatch smarts. This means there are apps on a Fitbit for the first time as well as convenient features like Fitbit Pay for contactless payments. You also have your smartphone notifications available from your wrist.

You also have onboard storage for your own music, letting you pair Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favourite tunes while you train. With built-in GPS and a heart rate monitor, these all combine for a liberating phone-free experience when you go for your next workout. It’s also waterproof and supports swim-tracking.

Buy now: Fitbit Ionic just £249.99 at Currys, save £50

Fitbit Ionic also has Fitbit Coach on the watch. These are workouts you can follow along with instruction and timers direct from your wrist.

The Ionic also has one of the brightest and sharpest screens going for a smartwatch, with 1000nits of brightness making it super easy to view outdoors. With interchangeable straps you can also adapt it to your style.

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The best part of the Fitbit Ionic is its battery life. Just like its standard fitness trackers, you can expect around 5+ days of battery life, which is substantially more than most of its rivals.

Now that you can save £50, the Fitbit Ionic is a great fitness tracker and smartwatch combined.

Buy now: Fitbit Ionic just £249.99 at Currys, save £50

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