Best Broadband and Fibre Broadband Deals for July 2018

Best Broadband Deals: We find the fastest and best-value ISP deals in the UK right now across Broadband and Fibre Broadband offers.

Getting a good broadband deal is harder than it looks. No two providers list their packages in the same way, so it becomes difficult to work out how much you’re actually going to end up paying and whether you’re getting the right package for you.

Luckily, we’re here to help find you the best broadband deals.

We’ve sifted through every broadband deal from the UK’s major suppliers to find the tarrifs we think are worth signing up to. We break down everything you need to know, from speed, set-up fees and extra charges, as well as those all-too-tempting sign-up offers that might just seal the deal.

Virgin Media Business Deal

Voom Fibre 3 Business Broadband + Samsung Galaxy S9+ w/ 32GB of data

You can save £25 a month when signing up for Voom Fibre 3 Business Broadband with a superb Samsung Galaxy S9+ and generous 32GB of data.

After that, we’ll take you through the jargon to ensure you make the right choice.

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Best Broadband Deals: Virgin Media broadband deals

Virgin offers separate packages that combine TV, phone and broadband in various combinations. The company offers 12-month contracts and monthly rolling deals, which are more expensive but also more convenient.

Cheapest Virgin Media broadband-only option


  • 50Mbps fibre with unlimited data usage | 12-month contract
  • £27 a month for 12 months | Then £33 a month | £20 set-up fee

If you just want the basics, Virgin’s VIVID 50 is for you. No line rental, no extra TV services, just broadband. You get unlimited downloads and uploads. You get the Virgin Media Hub 3 included in the price.

Sign up: Virgin Media Vivid 50

Cheapest Virgin Media Broadband, TV and Phone option

Player Bundle

  • 50Mbps fibre with unlimited usage and weekend calls | 12-month contract | 70+ TV channels
  • £29 a month for 12 months | Then £48 a month | £20 set-up fee

This is the cheapest way to get TV channels with your Virgin Media broadband. TV channels include all the usual terrestrial options, various international news channels, and the likes of 5USA, Drama, Really and At The Races. Includes the TV V6 box that lets you pause, play and rewind live TV.

Sign up: Virgin Media Player Bundle

Cheapest option with Sky Sports HD and BT Sport HD included

Full House Bundle

  • 200Mbps fibre with unlimited usage and weekend calls | 12-month contract | 230+ TV channels
  • £55 a month for 12 months | Then £70 a month | £20 set-up fee

This is the best bundle if you’re a sports fan but don’t want all the live Premier League games. With this option you get all the BT Sport channels in HD as well as Sky Sports News HD and Sky Sports Mix HD, the latter of which provides a range of different live sports.

You can add all the Sky Sports channels for another £31.75 a month (add another £7 for HD), although it might be more economical to choose the VIP bundle for £88 a month, although that package rises to £125 a month after 12 months, making the Full House Bundle with extra Sky Sports more economical if you’re in for the long haul.

Sign up: Virgin Media Full House Bundle

Best Broadband Deals: Sky Broadband deals

In addition to broadband, Sky offers various free gifts when you sign up as a new customer. Currently, these are either a free Fitbit Charge 2 activity tracker or a £50 prepaid MasterCard. Sky offers 12- and 18-month contracts depending on your package.

Cheapest Sky Broadband package

Broadband Unlimited

  • 11-17Mbps | Unlimited usage | 12-month contract | Sky Talk
  • £20 a month | Then £30 a month | £20 set-up fee | Line rental included

This is the cheapest way to get Sky Broadband. If you’re just after basic broadband for a bit of Netflix and social media, this is your best option on Sky.

Sign up: Sky Broadband Unlimited

Fastest Sky Broadband package

Sky Fibre Max

  • 57-76Mbps | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract | Sky Talk
  • £35 a month | Then £44 a month | £60 set-up fee | Line rental included

This is the fastest broadband-only package you can get on Sky, with maximum download speeds of 76Mbps. A great choice if you like to download a lot of games or movies.

Sign up: Sky Fibre Max

Add Sky TV and Sports

You can bundle either of the above options (and a third, mid-tier 34Mb option) with an Entertainment bundle for an extra £20 a month. This also gets you a Sky Q box and a Sky Q Hub. Extra channels include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Fox, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Mix. This option also decreases your initial set-up fee to £10, but also increases the cost after 12 months by between £20 and £25. Add Sky Cinema for £10 a month (18-month contract), Kids for £5 a month and Box Sets for £5 a month (both 31-day rolling contracts).

Sky’s proper sports package add more to your monthly bill; add one set of channels (Premier League, Football, F1, Golf, Cricket and Action + Arena) for £18, two for £22, three for £26 or all of them for £28 a month on an 18-month contract. You’ll need to add HD for £6 a month on a 31-day rolling contract. You add these while you’re setting up your other Sky services.

See all Sky Broadband packages

Best Broadband Deals: Vodafone Broadband deals


Vodafone is unusual in that existing Vodafone mobile customers get a cheaper deal than new customers. For the figures below, knock £2 off the monthly figures if you’re already a Vodafone customer.

The company also offers a speed guarantee; if your broadband doesn’t live up to expectations you’ll get 15% off.

Cheapest Vodafone broadband deal

Superfast 1

  • 25-38Mpbs | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract
  • £22 a month | £10 set-up fee | Line rental included

One of the cheapest ways to get mid-tier broadband, this Vodafone deal is certainly worth a look, especially if you’re an existing customer.

Sign up: Vodafone Superfast 1

Fastest Vodafone broadband deal

Superfast 2

  • 55-76Mbps | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract
  • £27 a month | £10 set-up fee | Line rental included

This package nets you top speeds that should equal the likes of Sky, TalkTalk, Plusnet and EE.

Sign up: Vodafone Superfast 2

Best Broadband Deals: BT Broadband deals

BT offers broadband packages that can also be combined with BT Sport and TV deals and is, unsurprisingly, the cheapest way to get BT Sport. BT also periodically offers prepaid MasterCard deals, and this changes on a regular basis so it’s always worth checking. At the time of writing, you can get up to £125 on one of these cards

Cheapest BT Broadband deal

Unlimited Broadband

  • Up to 17Mbps | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract
  • £25 a month | Then £43 a month | £10 postage | Line rental included

This package is BT’s most basic package but will suit anybody who just browses the web and watches Netflix in HD. You can add various BT TV packages; the cheapest way to get BT Sport is by adding a £3.50 Starter package, which’ll cost you £50 upfront with an included Freeview box.

Sign up: BT Unlimited Broadband

Best long-term BT broadband deal

Unlimited Infinity

  • Up to 52Mpbs | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract
  • £36 a month | Then £42 a month | £10 postage | Line rental included

This deal works out very well in the long run, with fast guaranteed speeds and only a modest price increase after 18 months.

Sign up: BT Unlimited Infinity Broadband

Best ultrafast BT Broadband deal

Ultrafast 1

  • Up to 152Mbps | Unlimited usage | 18-month contract
  • £55 a month | No price change at end of contract | £60 set-up fee | Line rental included

This deal gets you stonkingly high speeds, perfect for watching content in 4K and generally whizzing through online life. Upgrade to double the speed for £5 more a month if you think you’ll need it.

Sign up: BT Ultrafast 1 Broadband

Best Broadband Deals: Plusnet broadband deals

Plusnet offers a variety of unlimited packages on both 12- and 18-month packages and also offers a one-month rolling contract. Some of its upfront prices on ADSL broadband don’t include line rental, so be sure to click through to see how much it’ll cost. It’ll probably set you back around £19 a month if it isn’t included in your package.

On any of its deals you can also choose to save £3 a month by paying for your year of line rental upfront in one go.

Cheapest Plusnet deal


  • 6-11Mbps | Unlimited usage | 12-month contract
  • £20 a month | Then £30 a month | Free set-up | £50 prepaid MasterCard | Line rental included

This basic package is decent value if you don’t watch much HD video and just browse the web and look at pictures. The £50 prepaid MasterCard is a nice sweetener, too.

Sign up: Plusnet Unlimited

Fastest Plusnet deal

Unlimited Fibre Extra

  • 74-80Mbps | Unlimited usage | 12-month contract
  • £30 a month | Then £40 a month | £15 set-up fee | Line rental included

This is the fastest deal Plusnet offers; £30 a month for proper fibre broadband is not to be sniffed at. Even the price at the end of your 12-month deal isn’t half bad, so you might not have to think twice about renewing a year from now.

Sign up: Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

Best Broadband Deals: TalkTalk broadband deals

TalkTalk Broadband Deals

TalkTalk labels itself as Britain’s best value unlimited broadband and fibre provider, and right now it’s having a flash sale up until May 31st on two of its packages.

Cheapest TalkTalk deal

Fast Broadband

  • Up to 17Mbps | Unlimited usage | 24-month contract
  • £18.95 (£27) a month | Free Super Router | £9.95 equipment delivery charge | Line rental included | No set-up fee

This package has reasonable speeds and works out as good value if you only have basic speed requirements. You also get a fixed price guarantee for 24 months, so peace of mind that the price won’t change before then.

Sign up: TalkTalk Fast Broadband

Fastest TalkTalk deal

Faster Fibre Broadband

  • Up to 38Mbps | Unlimited usage | 24-month contract
  • £25 (£33.50) a month | Free Super Router | Line rental included | No set-up fee

If you need faster speeds for the likes of 4K video streaming or multiple users throughout the house, this package has a great saving and a fixed price guarantee for 24 months.

Sign up: TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband

How to choose the best broadband deals


You don’t always need the fastest speeds available. As a rule, the heavier a user your household is, the faster the speeds you’ll want. If you have four heavy users who stream video and music on their phones, watch 4K movies on Netflix and who knows what else, you’ll find your 11Mbps connection quickly gets saturated and nobody will have a good time.

Similarly, if you’re the sole occupant of your home, you probably don’t need an ultra-fast fibre deal unless you’re a very heavy user or you work from home. Or you just like things fast; we won’t judge.

Caps and fair usage

Each broadband provider will have different terms of use. All the deals we’ve included above are ‘unlimited’ but delve into the terms and conditions you may find clauses about ‘traffic shaping’ that slows down your connection at peak times or when it thinks you’re over-using. So, while you might have unlimited monthly data, there are no guarantees about how fast that data is if you overstep the mark.

That said, ISPs now have to be pretty transparent about the minimum and average speeds they offer, and they might even let you know if you’re about to hit a fair usage policy.

Speeds in your area

Every postcode gets slightly different broadband service because it entirely depends on the infrastructure in your local area. Every ISP website will let you know what your maximum speed is in your area and which is the fastest tariff you can choose based on that. We’ve linked various ISPs’ postcode checkers for you below:

Cable, Fibre, ADSL and VDSL

ISPs almost never specify what sort of connection you’re going to be on unless they’re trying to show off, so you’ll mostly see ads for cable and fibre services because these are by far the fastest, offering in excess of 100Mbps. However, there is also a difference at the lower end of the spectrum.

Generally, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re getting an ADSL or VDSL connection unless you’re going to be buying a wireless router and modem yourself to replace the one provided by your ISP. Check with your supplier what sort of connection you’re getting, although if you’re getting anything more than 20Mbps, you’re probably on VDSL.

Because Virgin Media’s network is separate, you may have to wait days or weeks for installation because engineers will need to come to your property to install the cables by running them through your garden and your walls.

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