A brand-new 32-inch monitor for under £200? You’d better believe it

Amazon has launched a stonking pre-order Black Friday deal on the AOC Q3279VWF. This 32-inch monitor has a QHD resolution and would normally have an RRP of £249 (Amazon is showing it as £270).

The catch? It’s not out yet, and your order on Amazon will be a pre-order. The good news? No matter how long the monitor takes to arrive, you’re guaranteed that £200 price. Pretty sweet.

BUY NOW: AOC Q3279VWF for £200 at Amazon

As this monitor is so new, we’ve not yet reviewed it, however we can say from years of experience that AOC is a highly consistent monitor manufacturer and has won numerous recommendation awards from us over the years.

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Just three years ago, a monitor with this form factor and this resolution would have cost in excess of £400. The panel uses MVA technology, which is similar to VA. It should offer up deep blacks and vibrant colours, although we’ve yet to see any claims on exactly how colour-accurate this monitor is.

Oh, and it also supports AMD FreeSync for smooth and tear-free gaming on AMD graphics cards.

BUY NOW: AOC Q3279VWF for £200 at Amazon

AOC has informed us that the launch window for this monitor is very wide; it could appear any time from November to January.

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