Best Xbox One Deals for August 2018 – Bargain One S and One X consoles

Best Xbox One S and Xbox One X deals: Now is a great time to take the plunge with Microsoft’s Xbox One console. There are a whole bunch of brilliant Xbox One console and bundle deals out there, and we’ve rounded up some of the best.

After a slightly wobbly start, Microsoft’s Xbox One console is in a pretty good place. The range offers a bunch of options regardless of your budget or level of commitment, and you can be sure that there’s a whole load of brilliant games to play regardless of your hardware choice.

That choice currently involves two distinct consoles, though both play the exact same games. The Xbox One S is a more compact, efficient and capable version of the original Xbox One console. It’s the ideal choice for most people, particularly if you’re still running a 1080p Full HD TV or are operating on a limited budget.

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For a more hardcore or cash-rich crowd, the Xbox One X is nothing less than the most powerful games console on the market. For a premium price, you’ll be getting the best Xbox One experience possible, with either a 4K resolution or enhanced frame rates and graphics.

Whichever Xbox One console you choose, there’s a great deal out there for you. Our team of experts has scoured the UK’s biggest online retailers and found the best Xbox One deals, whether you’re after a stand-alone console, an all-inclusive bundle, or just a new game to play.

Given that Xbox One X and Xbox One S deals tend to change quite regularly, we’ll be updating these often. Keep your eyes peeled.

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All prices were correct at time of publication but are subject to change. If you spot a deal you like, snap it up before it’s gone.

Xbox One

Best Xbox One Deals – Xbox One S

While the Xbox One S is the weaker of the two console options here, it’s still no pansy. This is a powerful console that will render all the games you throw at it beautifully in Full HD. It also looks great and has plenty of storage with options available too.

The best part is you can get some great deals on the Xbox One S right now including some bundles that offer top end games for a price that is near to free when compared to buying the console alone. If you do want the console on its own to start, or a bundle, there are a few great options out there right now.

Best Xbox One S Deals

Xbox One S 1TB White

Grab the awesome Microsoft console in white with a whopping TB drive for a huge saving.

Best Xbox One S Bundle Deals

Xbox One S 1TB White with Forza Horizon 3 and Hot Wheels

The 1TB console alone is price higher than this is some places so to get a top racing games and another thrown in for free is ideal.

Xbox One S 1TB White with PUBG, Fallout 4, Now TV Entertainment

If you want a large capacity console, two of the best online shooters around this is one of the best deals out there right now.

Xbox One S 1TB White with Sea of Thieves

For less than most places are selling the stand-alone 500GB console, you get the 1TB Xbox One S and Rare’s super-fun online pirate-’em-up.

Best Xbox One Deals – Xbox One Wireless Controllers

Best Xbox One Controller Deals

Xbox One Wireless Special Edition Sports White Controller w/Rare Replay

For £49.99, not only are you getting one of the most stylish Xbox One controllers on the market, but also the fantastic Rare Replay – absolutely free. What a bargain.

Best Xbox One Deals – Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is, as we’ve said already, the don daddy of the Microsoft console offerings. This crams in all the teraflops of power which equate to the quickest load times and the highest 4K resolution games possible.

As a result you’ll pay a bit more for this console. But there are still deals to be had, both on the console itself and bundles with great games. Here are the best ones out there right now.

Best Xbox One X Deals

Xbox One X 1TB Console + Rare Replay

Smyths is currently offering the stand-alone Xbox One X for less than the usual price, and with free home delivery thrown in for good measure. Until September 4th you can also get a free copy of Rare Replay with each purchase.

Best Xbox One X Bundle Deals

Xbox One X 1TB Black with PUBG, COD WWII, Halo 5 and Now TV Entertainment Pass

For the RRP of the stand-alone Xbox One X you can get the console with three brilliant shooters, as well as a 2 month Now TV Entertainment Pass.

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Best Xbox One Game Deals

Game deals sell out fast so be sure to check back regularly to see the best deals out there for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Resident Evil 7 – £15.82

Capcom’s survival horror masterpiece just got some downloadable content freebies, so now’s a great time to pick it up on the cheap.

Buy now from Amazon

Stardew Valley: Collector’s Edition – £14.95

Stardew Valley is a fantastic little game capable of draining dozens of hours without you even noticing. This neat little edition also includes a map, soundtrack and even more goodies for just shy of £20.

Buy now from The Game Collection

Monster Hunter World – £37.45

Monster Hunter World is now Capcom’s most successful release in history. This is for good reason, as the sprawling RPG is absolutely brilliant.

Buy now from Amazon 

The Evil Within – £4.99

Grab an insanely cheap deal on a game that could well send you insane, with fear – in a good way.

Buy now from Game

Titanfall 2 – £5.94

A measly £7 for a top mech battling wonder game? Yes please.

Buy now from Amazon

For Honor – £13.45

An entertaining online hack and slasher for less than £15.

Buy now from Amazon

Sonic Mania Plus – £18.99

A decent saving on possibly the finest Sonic game ever made.

Buy now from Base

Prey – £9.61

This tense immersive sim is one of the most overlooked (commercially at least) games of recent times.

Buy now from Amazon

Best Xbox Live Gold Deal

If you want to get online then you’ll need Xbox Live Gold. CDKeys is the cheapest retailer this week, with a sub costing you just £33.99.

Buy now from CDKeys

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