Black Friday Smartwatch Deals – Deals live now and what to expect

Best Smartwatch Deals: Looking to strap a new smartwatch to your wrist? Whether you’re after an Apple Watch 3, a Fossil Q or a Fitbit, we’ve got a great deal for you.

It’s a good time to be shopping for a smartwatch. Since the announcement of the Apple Watch 4, the price of previous Apple Watch models has dropped significantly, and one can only imagine the additional discounts they’ll receive around Black Friday.

Despite all of the current Apple Watch hype, it’s certainly not the only viable choice if you’re in the market for a new smartwatch.

There are a whole bunch of stylish Wear OS watches out there, which combine Google’s wrist-based operating system with the classic good looks of major fashion brands.

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Then there’s the fitness-focused wearables market, which empowers you with a dizzying array of workout tracking metrics – all while pumping through your latest notifications.

Indeed, so rich and varied is the smartwatch market that it can be somewhat tricky to pick out the best deals. Fortunately, our team of experts is on hand to curate.

Check out the following smartwatch deals and grab yourself a bargain.

All prices were correct at the time of publication, but do tend to change quickly. Act fast if you want to snap up a bargain.

Best Smartwatch Deals – Overall

Apple Watch 3 Cellular - White, 38mm

Not only has this Apple Watch 3 been reduced several times but the

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black

£189.99 is an amazing price given that the Huawei Watch 2 boasts NFC and Andoird pay compatibility, alongside a plethora of fitness tracking features. A true bargain.

Fitbit Unisex Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

With the best battery life of any touch screen smartwatch right now, the Fitbit Versa is an excellent purchase at this reduced price.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Smartwatch - Black

The Gear S3 might not be among our best reviewed smartwatches, but with a £120.99 reduction it becomes a far more viable purchase, particularly due to its luxurious design and long-lasting battery life.

For anyone after a smartwatch with robust activity tracking features, you can do far worse than the Huawei Watch 2. The watch boasts a consistently accurate heart rate sensor and detailed training plans right on your wrist.

One of the downsides of the Huawei Watch 2 however is its battery life. The watch can power through two days on a single charge but even so, it’s nice not to have to another device constantly taking up your local charging ports. For those after a longer battery life, the FitBit Versa can run for up to four days without any major concern. Amazon currently has a £25.16 discount on the Versa, bringing it very close in price to the Huawei Watch 2.

Before diving headfirst into anymore of these deals, we’ve divided them by the key factor that’ll likely determine your purchase: the watch’s operating system.

Wear OS (Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.)

Previously known as Android Wear, Google’s OS for smartwatches is a dream come true for customising your watch’s interface. It is currently the most widely adopted smartwatch OS on the market and as such, it has a huge amount of support from third-party developers.

Best Wear OS Smartwatch Deals

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch - Black

£189.99 is an amazing price given that the Huawei Watch 2 boasts NFC and Android pay compatibility, alongside a plethora of fitness tracking features. A true bargain.

Fossil Gen 3 Smartwatch Q Explorist

The Explorist might not be the most feature packed smartwatch on the market but it is one of the most stylish. Smartwatches of this design tend to go for a far higher price.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is still one of the best fitness trackers on the market, thanks to its curved AMOLED screen and GPS tracking for precise results, now with a third off through Argos.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

For just a bit more, you can also score the Gear Fit 2 Pro for a fantastic price which overpowers its predecessor by offering more robust features for swimming, and with it, waterproof casing.

LG Watch Style Smartwatch

Much like the Fossil Explorist, the LG Watch Style lives for its namesake in a gorgeous titanium shell that screams luxury. Now with £20 off.

Unlike Apple’s Watch OS, watch faces can be customised relentlessly with Wear OS, giving you access to more information at a glance and saving you from having to scroll through various pages.

Wear OS also supports the use of Google Assistant which is still one of the best AI’s on the market due to its gigantic resource of information. It goes without saying that watches utilising Wear OS tend to be much cheaper than the Apple Watch, but there are still deals to be had on the latter if you’re set on buying one.

Watch OS (Apple Watch)

The OS powering all of Apple’s smartwatches is an ode to luxury. The system adheres to a minimalist design, leaving all clutter behind and giving the watch a clean and clear look that is undeniably fashionable.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Deals – GPS + LTE

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS and Cellular, 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Sport Band, Soft White

A massive saving on this 38mm model with more premium stainless steel case. It's reduced to clear so it might not be around for long. This also includes a 2-year warranty.

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS and Cellular, 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Grey

Now that the Series 4 is here, you can pick up the larger 42mm for a massive discount, too. You also get John Lewis' excellent 2-year warranty.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Deals – GPS

Apple Watch Series 3 38mm GPS

The lowest price of entry for buying an Apple Watch 3 right now. Going through John Lewis also nabs you a 2-year warranty.

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS

A big saving here now that the Series 3 is no longer the latest model.

Best Apple Watch Series 1 Deals

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 38mm Silver Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Fog

Coming in at a newly reduced rate, the Apple Watch 3 is cheaper than it's ever been. Buying through John Lewis will also get you a two-year warranty out of the gate.

Apple has made a huge push to market its watch as the go-to fitness accessory, and it shows. The Apple Watch’s Activity Rings keep fitness tracking simple while still providing you with all the details you want at the flick of a wrist.

Taking a step back from the OS, it’s hard to deny that the Apple Watch is pretty damn stylish. Sure, it might look like a miniature version of the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but its bold nature only adds to its desirability. For the Apple Watch Series 3, you can expect to fork out a hefty sum but the Series 1 model can now be obtained for a fraction of the price.

Other (Fitbit, smartwatch hybrids, etc.)

This is where we’ve collated the best deals on smartwatches that don’t run Wear OS or Watch OS, the renegades that have made a name for themselves through other means. Fitbits fall into this category as they use their own in-house operating system. Similarly, you’ll also find hybrid watches here that incorporate some smartwatch features but retain the design of a traditional analogue watch – handy for any technophobes out there.

Best Smartwatch Deals – Other

Fitbit Unisex Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

With the best battery life of any touch screen smartwatch right now, the Fitbit Versa is an excellent purchase at this reduced price.

Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracking Watch, 36mm, Black / White

A great smartwatch for someone who isn't ready to completely just over to the dark side - blending smart features with the design of a traditional watch.

Fossil Q Grant Men's Smartwatch – Black Leather

As close to a traditional watch that a smartwatch could ever be, and now with nearly half price off. A ridiculous saving by any standard.

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