Best SIM Only Deals for August 2018

Best SIM Only Deals: So perhaps you’ve bagged yourself a shiny new SIM free smartphone, but now you’re on the hunt for a great value SIM only deal. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

THREE sim only deal

Three SIM – 30GB, All-you-can-eat minutes and texts

For the sheer amount of data and additional features included (EasyJet upgrades, Go Binge, etc.), Three's £18pm SIM card rules the roost.


O2 Netflix Deal: O2 has just announced a partnership with Netflix, delivering 6 months of free Netflix for SIM only deals 18GB+. Jump to the O2 deals section below to see some of the offers.

Picking up a new phone on contract can be a stressful and expensive approach to getting the phone of your dreams. Most will tie you into a 24 month contract, which is a long time if you don’t know how your circumstances might change. While a contract phone can be a great way to spread the cost, it’s often cheaper to buy a phone outright SIM free and then pick up a SIM only contract separately.

If you’re after a top-notch new smartphone, have a look at our Best SIM-free Phone Deals that’ll pair nicely with one of the great SIM-only deals on this page.

Opting to go SIM only will typically amount to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) after 24 months, so it’s worth doing the sums to work out what the best approach is for you. The good thing about most SIM only deals is that they’re often only a 12 month contract, with some even being rolling monthly options. This ties you in for a much shorter amount of time, so you can shop around for better deals or a new provider if you move home and find the reception is a bit iffy.

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It’s also worth looking at a SIM only deal if you’ve come to the end of your contract. This is because your contract’s monthly cost includes both your phone service as well as a contribution to pay off the cost of your phone. Once the phone is paid off at the end of your contract, there’s no need to pay as much, so it’s worth shopping around for a new SIM only contract.

A lot of people fail to re-negotiate a new tariff or shop around for a new deal when they’re at the end of their contract, so they end up paying well over the odds each month as they’re still paying that extra for the phone they’ve already paid off.

Virgin Media Business Deal

Voom Fibre 3 Business Broadband + Samsung Galaxy S9+ w/ 32GB of data

You can save £25 a month when signing up for Voom Fibre 3 Business Broadband with a superb Samsung Galaxy S9+ and generous 32GB of data.

While the ultimate SIM only deals with unlimited data remain an elusive beast, many of the options we’ve listed below have a generous amount while also giving unlimited calls and texts. That’s great news for anyone who streams a lot of content while on the move or want to tether their 4G connection to a tablet or laptop.

So without further ado, we’ve done the leg work and rounded up the UK operator’s best SIM only deals for you below.

Vodafone SIM only deals


Vodafone is currently offering these Vodafone Basic deals that come with free extra data each month. These SIM only contracts are only 12 months, too, so you won’t be locked into a long contract. The inclusion of unlimited calls and texts are a real bonus, and you get a generous amount of data on both packages for light users. Caps are in place to make sure you don’t go over your limit to avoid overspending, which should take some weight off your mind.

For the heavy streamers among us (you know who you are), Vodafone has heard your cries and put out a fantastic offer with its £24 a month SIM which comes with 20GB of data plus a year’s subscription to one of several entertainment platforms including Spotify and Prime Video.

Vodafone - SIM Only Deals

Vodafone SIM - 3GB, Unlimited mins and Unlimited texts

This is one of the best all-rounder SIM deals on the market, giving you just enough of everything for under a tenner.

Vodafone SIM - 6GB, Unlimited mins and Unlimited texts

If 3GB is a bit too small for all your social media needs then you can nab an extra 3GB for just £2 more.

Vodafone SIM - 20GB, Unlimited mins and Unlimited texts + Entertainment Package

The grandaddy of all deals with a whopping 20GB of data plus your choice of entertainment for a whole year from either Prime Video, Spotify, Now TV or Sky Sports.

Virgin SIM only deals

Virgin Media

Virgin Media have an absolute stonker of a flash deal right now that’s on the same level as something that might emerge from Black Friday. For just £18 a month you can receive 5000 minutes, unlimited texts and, wait for it, 45GB of data. That’s enough data to stream several seasons of your favourite show without interruption – an absolute paradise in the modern age. Don’t hang about though, the deal will only be around until July 31st. If you’re after something a bit more affordable however, then you can currently save £2 a month on Virgin Media’s SIM offering 2GB of data, 1500 minutes and unlimited texts – not too shabby.

Virgin Media - SIM Only Deals

Virgin Media SIM – 30GB, 2500 minutes, Unlimited texts

Virgin Media is now offering triple the data on its £16pm SIM – a brilliant deal to nab before it disappears.

Virgin Media SIM – 1.5GB, 500 minutes, Unlimited texts

This flash deal is one of the best entry-level SIM cards on the market right now. Definitely best suited for low-data users.

O2 SIM only deals

Best O2 deals

O2 has just announced a partnership with Netflix, giving you 6 months free Netflix for SIM only deals 18GB+. Considering Netflix usually costs £7.99 a month, that’s a great incentive. If you’re one of the many people already subscribing to Netflix, this isn’t wasted as the 6 months can be credited to your existing account. These deals expire August 8th so don’t wait around.

02 - SIM Only Deals

O2 SIM – 50GB, Unlimited mins, Unlimited texts

For the sheer amount of data alone, this SIM is well worth the money. O2 is also offering roaming at no extra cost in 75 countries when you sign up. Definitely a fantastic option for anyone who loves to travel.

Three SIM only deals

Three Jackson

At present, there are two deals that are definitely worth highlighting from Three. The network’s 12GB and 30GB SIM’s have been reduced to £15 and £18 respectively. Both tariffs come with all-you-can-eat minutes and text so it’s a fantastic deal all round. Three has also introduced travel upgrades with EasyJet as part of their SIM-only packages, allowing you to check in your bag for free and ensuring that that same bag is one of the first to appear on the baggage carosel. For the frequent traveler, this is a great offer.

You also have Feel At Home in 71 countries around the world, allowing you to take your Three perks with you at no additional charge in any of the listed countries, including the United States, Spain and France.

Three - SIM Only Deals

Three SIM – 12GB, All-you-can-eat mins, All-you-can-eat texts

A great offer alone for the data but one that's made even better with EasyJet upgrades and Three's Go Binge service.

Three SIM – 30GB, All-you-can-eat mins, All-you-can-eat texts

One of the best deals available on the market right now for a heavy-data SIM.

EE SIM only deals

EE currently has three separate offers running until the end of July on high-data SIMs. Each SIM also offers unlimited minutes and texts so you’ll never be stuck for options if you’re unable to maintain a connection to the internet.

EE - SIM Only Deals

EE SIM – 20GB, Unlimited mins, Unlimited texts

A great SIM offer that covers you on all fronts.

EE SIM – 40GB, Unlimited mins, Unlimited texts

By far the best SIM offered by EE and one of the most competitively priced high-data SIM cards on the market. This SIM previously went for £30pm so there's a great saving of £5 each month to be had here.

iD Mobile SIM only deals

iD Mobile logo

At present, there are no major deals being pushed at ID Mobile but the network is already known for having highly competitive prices across its SIM only tariffs. For instance, ID Mobile currently boasts the cheapest SIM Card in the country which comes with comes with 500MB, 150 minutes and unlimited texts for just £3.99 – a great option for kids.

ID Mobile - SIM Only Deals

iD Pay Monthly SIM - 500MB, 150 mins, Unlimited texts

One of the cheapest SIM cards available in the whole of the UK.

Tesco SIM only deals

Tesco Mobile is a great choice for those who aren’t too fussed with minutes and texts but are eager to get plenty of data at a reasonable price. Right now you can get up to 20GB of data for no more than £18 which is plenty to keep you streaming without worry.

Tesco Mobile - SIM Only Deals

Tesco Monthly SIM – 20GB, 5000 mins, 5000 texts

Tesco's best SIM for data. 20GB per month is more than you'll need for most web-based activities.

Tesco Monthly SIM – 10GB, 5000 mins, 5000 texts

A little less data but with a saving of £3 a month, this tariff is still a great offer.

Plusnet SIM only deals

Plusnet already has quite a reputation for offering low-cost SIM cards with a fair amount of data attached but with its most recent deal, the company is on to a winner. The SIM, which is currently sold through Argos, provides 3.5GB, 2000 minutes and texts for just £8pm. As if that weren’t good enough, the deal also nabs you a £10 Argos e-gift card. Get in.

Plusnet – SIM Only Deals

Plusnet Monthly SIM – 3.5GB, 2000 minutes and texts w/ £10 Argos e-gift card

Argos are currently peddling this fantastic SIM from Plusnet, giving you plenty of data for an affordable price plus a £10 Argos e-gift card for your troubles.

Sky Mobile SIM only deals

If you’re already a Sky customer for TV or home broadband, the company now has a selection of SIM only deals for its existing customers that double or even quadruple your data each month.

Sky Mobile – SIM Only Deals

Sky Mobile SIM – 2GB, unlimited calls and texts (existing customers only)

Sky is currently offer a great deal for its existing customers where you get 4x the usual data with unlimited calls and texts, too.

Sky Mobile SIM – 4GB, unlimited calls and texts (existing customers only)

Alternatively, there's this offer that's currently double the usual amount of data.

Looking for a bargain contract phone?

How to choose a new SIM only deal

Keep your old phone number

If you do take out a new SIM only deal, there’s no reason you can’t keep your old phone number. Just ask your old provider for a PAC code, then give this to your new operator. This code essentially gives them permission to port your old phone number across to your new operator. No need to message everyone in your phone book with your new digits and just think of all the money you’d save from not having to print any new business cards.

Check the network coverage

Everyone’s network coverage experience is going to be different because it’s all dependent on location and distance from the nearest cellular tower. As such, it’s important you check the network coverage for both voice and 4G wherever you plan on using your phone most. Typically, it’s a good idea to check your home and work address. A high data sim might be tempting but if a particular network doesn’t cover your intended destination, then those dreams of watching Netflix atop a mountain could fly out the window.

Simply pop your postcode into each network’s coverage checker to get an idea of what you can expect:

Wi-Fi calling

All of the UK’s big operators (that’s O2, Vodafone, EE and Three) support something called Wi-Fi calling now. This lets you use a Wi-Fi connection to make and receive calls and texts, bypassing any network coverage woes. This function is dependent on your phone being compatible with Wi-Fi Calling and you turning on the necessary settings.

Unfortunately, EE doesn’t provide Wi-Fi Calling for SIM only contracts, only on phones bought as part of a pay monthly contract.

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