Best OnePlus 5T deals: Pre-order now and save

The new OnePlus 5T is here, and we’ve already been hands-on with the cult phone maker’s latest handset. But what’s the best deal out there right now? We’ve scoured the market for the best tariffs and SIM-free deals.

PAYG Deal on O2: Free 12 months of Xbox Live Gold | £449 up-front | £10 minimum top-up

Not the combination of deals you’d expect, but handy for anybody looking to renew their Xbox online gaming subscription. Just pre-order the phone by 8pm on November 20 and receive it on release day, November 22nd. Or if you order after the phone has been released, you’ll have until December 6th to get the deal. Your free Xbox Live Gold subscription is redeemed using your receipt. Click here to get the deal

50GB Pay Monthly on O2: Cinema pass and 12 months Xbox Live Gold | £10 up-front | £49 per month | 24 months

An unattainable amount of data is what you’ll get if you fork out £49 per month. But you’ll also get 40% of cinema tickets for that time, and the Xbox Live deal outlined above. Click here to get the deal.

10% Student Discount on OnePlus 5T for students at

If you’re a verified student via Student Beans, you can nab a OnePlus 5T for £405, saving £45. Click here to get the deal.

Other top deals right now:

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