Best Google Pixel 2 Deals: The best pay monthly contracts in February 2018

So the stunning Google Pixel 2 has won your heart? Save yourself the hassle of hunting for a deal by choosing from our handy list of the best Google Pixel 2 deals around.

Below are our top picks for Google Pixel 2 deals in February, listed by data allowance to make comparing deals an absolute snap. There are Pixel 2 deals for all budgets on this page, with a variety of tariffs on the UK’s top networks.

Check out these two great Pixel 2 deals this month for starters:

It’s well over a year since the critically acclaimed Google Pixel launched, so what’s different about the Google Pixel 2? For starters, a plush OLED display, an improved Google Assistant and plenty of hardware improvements – including the whip-smart Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

We awarded the Pixel 2 a respectable 4/5 stars in our review, praising its gorgeous display, truly amazing camera and brilliant Android brain. Sure, it might not have the same sleek exterior as the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8, but it does more than enough to earn a place beside the latest flagships.

Keep scrolling to explore our favourite Google Pixel 2 deals this month.

Google Pixel 2 deals – 2GB to 8GB

We recommend picking a deal with between a 2GB and 8GB data allowance if you regularly reach for your phone between work and home to message, browse, watch videos, send emails, and other general phone tasks that require the heavenly powers of 4G. However, if you watch lots of videos and TV, stream, download or play games avidly when you’re out and about, you should probably look towards a big data deal from the category below.

EE and O2 are the top players when it comes to small data deals on the Google Pixel 2 this month, and you can get an incredibly low monthly price plan if you opt for EE’s mini 2GB deal. Typically for a high-end handset, though, you do have to foot a rather big upfront bill. If you don’t have that kind of cash to spare, there are plenty more options in this list that are a little more forgiving  – like EE’s 8GB option.

2GB deal on EE – £22.99/month | £95 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (e2save)

3GB deal on O2 – £27/month | £75 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

5GB deal on EE – £27.99/month | £70 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (e2save)


8GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | £49.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

Google Pixel 2 deals – 10GB to 26GB

If you’re not confident you’ll be able to tear yourself away from the Google Pixel 2’s alluring wares once it belongs to you, then you should probably pick a deal with at least 10GB worth of data. Big data deals around the 20GB mark and beyond are advisable if you’ve got a healthy appetite for internet when you’re away from Wi-Fi.

You can get a good mid-level data allowance on the Pixel 2 without having to fork out a handful upfront; EE and Vodafone’s 10GB and 16GB deals respectively are the ones to choose at the moment. The big data deals tipping 20GB aren’t a huge step up in price from smaller data deals, so it’s not outside the realms of possibility to stretch your budget to a bumper data allowance.

10GB deal on O2 – £35/month | £9.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

16GB deal on Vodafone – £44/month | £9.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

20GB deal on O2 – £39/month | £50.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

26GB deal on Vodafone – £36/month | £79.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

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