Best Drone Deals for September 2018

Best Drone Deals: Whether you’re looking to perform some fancy remote control aerobatics, or you just want to snag some pro-level aerial footage, we’ve got the ideal drone deal for you.

Just a handful of years ago, drone flying was a hardcore hobby for dedicated obsessives with money to burn. Now, though, drones have well and truly entered the mainstream.

Your average drone is an awful lot of fun to fly, while automated systems make it relatively easy to get (and keep) these little devices airborne.

The quality of drone cameras has also increased massively since the early days, with 4K footage and high-megapixel stills now on the cards. This has opened up a whole new world of amateur aerial photography and video capture.

Modern drones are also a lot more compact than they used to be, enabling you to transport them around in a bag or pocket rather than the boot of a car. Even these smaller models are capable of carrying 4K cameras, so you needn’t compromise on footage quality in the name of convenience.

Despite these massive advances in drone technology, however, the price of admission has actually gone down. It’s never been cheaper to get into the drone game.

You can usually find some great drone deals around Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, but there’s almost always a bunch of discounts available right throughout the year.

Here are some of the latest drone deals from the UK’s biggest online retailers.

Best Drone Deals – Amazon

Best Amazon Drone Deals

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

The Mavic Pro was DJI's first ever folding drone and the recipient of our Best Drone of the Year 2017 award. It has fantastic image quality, plenty of flight modes and is great fun to use.

DJI Mavic Air Drone Fly More Combo

DJI's latest and greatest folding drone is its smallest yet and includes 4K video and a raft of automated flight modes. The Fly More Combo pack includes extra accessories like batteries and propellers that make it great value and even more so with this discount.

DJI Spark

A great saving on a standalone DJI Spark drone. This portable drone packs in a great 1080p camera and loads of automated flight modes making it a great introduction to drone flying.

Parrot ANAFI The Ultra Compact Flying 4K HDR Camera Drone, Grey

Parrot has provided a genuine alternative to DJI’s brilliant mini drones here, with a clever compact design and an excellent 4K HDR camera. It’s very new, so you won’t find any money off just yet, but it’s already very reasonably priced.

Best Drone Deals – Currys

Best Currys Drone Deals

DJI Mavic Air Drone with Controller - Onyx Black

This is currently our favourite drone and it's available for a great price standalone if you don't want the Fly More combo.

Bebop 2 FPV Power Edition Drone with SkyController 2

This is a great-value drone that’s nimble and easy to fly, with excellent battery life and a very intuitive app.

PowerVision PowerRay Explorer Underwater Drone with Controller - White

Okay, this might be a little left-field and calling it a drone might be a stretch. It's probably more of a submarine. But if you want to capture footage underwater, we were impressed by this 'drone' when we saw it at the IFA tech show. Currys has it for by far the lowest price around.

Ryze Tello Drone - White

This dinky little drone is a collaboration between DJI and Intel and is a great introduction to drone flying. It's got clever tech inside and a very respectable 13 minute flight time for a drone of its size. It can also be used to learn coding, making it as educational as it is fun to fly.

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UK Drone Laws

It can be difficult to know when and where it’s safe to fly your drone. If you have any doubts, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Never fly unless you know it’s both safe and allowed. For everything you need to know about safe drone flight, be sure to read our UK Drone Laws guide.

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