Black Friday 2018 UK: Guide to the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday 2018 UK: Black Friday is steadily creeping up. To make sure you’re well prepared for the big day, we’ve compiled this guide to answer the most pressing questions related to Black Friday 2018.

Black Friday 2018 UK Date

Black Friday 2018 will fall on Friday November 23rd.

We’re now mere weeks away from Black Friday 2018, so the anticipation for deals is palpable. Expect all of the big retailers to start promoting their Black Friday sales in the coming weeks in TV, radio and online adverts. We’ll be keeping an eye out for these ourselves so we can keep you up to date with what to expect.

In the mean time, keep reading as we’re going to answer every question you might have on Black Friday 2018.

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Black Friday 2018 UK – What is Black Friday?

Black Friday 2018

If you’re left wondering what Black Friday is all about, you’re in for a treat (but also where have you been?). Black Friday has become the date to mark in your diary as the biggest shopping event of the year.

It’s really risen in prominence in the UK, far surpassing traditional sale dates like Boxing Day or the famous January sales, with a vast array of bargains and discounts to be had across practically anything you could want. It’s an opportune time to stock up on gifts before Christmas.

The event has also been known for some of its big controversies in the past. Picture stampedes as people rush into stores and fights over bargain TVs. The good news is that you can avoid this by shopping online, but even online has had its share of problems with websites crashing under the load in the past and Black Friday sales being called off completely by certain retailers (hello Marks & Spencers).

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Black Friday 2018 UK – Black Friday in the UK

Black Friday UK

Black Friday has since travelled across the pond after becoming a mainstay of US calendars, and has become a massive sales day in the UK and elsewhere.

But you shouldn’t think of Black Friday as a one day event. It’s evolved to become a sales extravaganza that spans the preceding week and beyond into the following ‘Cyber Monday‘ (be sure to read that article to find out everything you need to know about the other big sales event), if not the entire month of November. Everyone wants to be first out the blocks with the best discounts, so it all becomes a bit of a manic month.

Currys PC World in the past has gone early with its discounts under a ‘Black Tag’ sale moniker, and this usually happens the week before Black Friday week.

The best deals will fall on Black Friday Week (or some call this Cyber Week), however. So be sure to keep the week commencing Monday 19th November, 2018 clear in your diary, too. But really, block out all of November.

Black Friday 2018 UK – What to buy on Black Friday

In terms of what you should buy during Black Friday, that’s obviously dependent on your needs. We provide some tips on how to get the best Black Friday deals later in this article, and one of those tips is to make sure you have an idea of what you actually want. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked or have your head turned by things you might not actually want.

We can at least make some informed predictions for deals to expect based on previous sale events like Black Friday 2017 and Amazon Prime Day to help you decide what to buy. Last year, some highlights included literal thousands of pounds off LG OLED TVs, £300 savings on DJI drones and Dyson vacuum cleaners for £200 off.

The PS4 Pro also had a sizeable £100 discount last year for Black Friday, and gaming typically features heavily. We fully expect to see deals on the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch again this year, as well as software discounts. Practically the entire Trusted Reviews team picked up a cheap copy of Super Mario Odyssey last year. Bundle deals are also usually very popular, with included games and accessories seriously adding value.

LG TV Black Friday

Amazon’s own Prime Day discount bonanza is also a really good indicator of what we can expect when Black Friday rolls around. We were checking the historical prices for everything we posted during our Prime Day 2018 round-up and noticed a lot of Prime Day 2017’s prices were the same or similar to what appeared a few months later for Black Friday 2017.

So, with that in mind, we fully expect to see Amazon price-matching some of its big discounts from Prime Day 2018. Some notable discounts this year included:

  • Kindle Paperwhite for £75 – save £35
  • Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet for £60 – save £40
  • Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet for £60 – save £30
  • Amazon Echo Show for £100 – save £100
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 SIM free w/ 64GB microSD for £439 – save £69
  • Motorola Moto G6 SIM free for £199.99 – save £40
  • Fitbit Charge 2 for £79.99 – save £30
  • Fitbit Blaze for £99.99 – save £50

Argos has made some interesting revelations of its own, including the fact it sold 15,394 TVs during Black Friday. It also sold enough kettles to make 81,000 cups of tea, although it’s not clear how it came to that statistic. Black Friday also saw 78.5 million visits to the site.

Argos has said 3am to 4am is the quietest time to shop, so that might be the time least likely for the site to topple over under the weight of all those visitors. Needless to say, these all paint a picture that Black Friday is going to be massive for Argos.

When it comes to Black Friday, you shouldn’t just think about short-term savings on products, however. Often, you can find discounts on services for Black Friday including TV, broadband and mobile phone contracts. If you’re out of contract and shopping around for a new service provider, waiting until Black Friday can be an ideal time to sign up.

Be sure to check out our Best Broadband Deals, Best SIM Only Deals and Best Mobile Phone Deals pages where we’re constantly rounding up the best contracts and will be adding in Black Friday deals.

Black Friday 2018 UK – Where to find the best Black Friday deals?

Every retailer will get involved for Black Friday in the UK, but the biggest players will be Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, Very, AO and all of the major supermarkets. Retailers like Argos have even gone so far as to prepare their Black Friday landing pages nice and early. You’ll still have to wait until November to see the actual deals but you can sign up for notifications.

Even the juggernauts like Apple can’t resist. It’s a great time to pick up anything from iPhone 8 to iPhone X Black Friday discounts, as well as MacBooks and other high price items.

Other manufacturer stores, like Dell and Lenovo, will also look to compete by discounting their products. Black Friday is a great time for computing deals. Famously, Marks & Spencers is one of the few retailers to bow out of Black Friday, having not taken part the last two years. Not officially at least.

Apple Black Friday

Black Friday 2018 will breed plenty of competition between retailers, which is great for consumers. While that’s a lot of places to look, the good news is that we’ll take on that legwork and post all of the best deals here at Trusted Reviews. 

We’ll be curating the best Black Friday deals in the UK to make spotting those veritable bargains that much easier.

Our team has lived through several Black Friday events now, so we can spot a good deal from a dud. We can also give you the advice you need on potential purchases, as we have a team knowledgable in their respective fields.

Black Friday 2018 UK – How do I find the best deals on Black Friday?

Here are our expert bits of advice to help you nab the hottest bargains this Black Friday.

Make a wishlist

It might sound obvious, but going into Black Friday with an idea of what you actually want should be your first step. Otherwise, you might find yourself making impulse purchases you don’t really need. So make a list of what you’re after beforehand, be that in a Google Keep list or just classic pen and paper.

If you’re doing a lot of your online shopping via Amazon, then add the products you want to your basket beforehand. The basket will actually tell you if the prices of its contents have changed (either up or down), so you can instantly see if the products you want have been discounted. The Amazon Assistant browser extension is also great for compiling a list as it will let you add products to your list when browsing other retailers as well as showing you Amazon’s competing price.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

While we’re obviously excited to see what the likes of Currys, John Lewis and Argos are getting ready to price slash, you could quite happily do all your Black Friday shopping on Amazon without missing out.

Amazon give its Prime subscribers a helpful head-start on many of its deals, or deliver exclusive prices for Prime members. Prime subscribers  also enjoy a host of other benefits, including Prime Music and Prime Video, unlimited one-day deliveries, and more. If it’s within your budget, it’s well worth trying out, and you can get a free 30-day trial to see if it’s for you.

You can sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial here. If you don’t need Prime right now, it’s worth waiting until November to sign up for a trial so it coincides with Black Friday.

Use a good price-tracking tool

Not all Black Friday deals are created equal, and for every genuinely great bargain out there, there’s a right ol’ lemon hoping to mug you of your hard-earned cash.

Fortunately, it’s easy to safeguard yourself – and your wallet – against such ploys. You’ll want to have a good price-tracking tool in your Black Friday arsenal, and our favourite right now is the Chrome extension Keepa. This embeds a historical graph into each and every Amazon product page, letting you see what price it’s been selling at in the past.

Fitbit Blaze Historical Price

Fitbit Blaze Historical Price

This way, you can see if you’re getting a genuine bargain. You’ll instantly be able to see if it’s the lowest price it’s ever been sold or if it’s been a long time since it’s last discount. Also useful is seeing if the price was recently hiked up in order to give you a misleading discount. It also shows you the price history across Amazon Warehouse and third-party sellers, too.

If you’re not a Chrome user, there is also CamelCamelCamel. Drop any Amazon link in its search box and you’ll see the highest, lowest, and average price of whatever product you’re interested in, giving you a proper bird’s-eye view of the ‘deal’ you’re looking at.

No, it won’t win any design awards, but between the basic search functionality and all the useful add-ons you can utilise – from Twitter alerts to Amazon List synchronisation and browser extensions – CamelCamelCamel is nigh on indispensable.

Get all the apps you can find

With deals coming and going in the blink of an eye, you need to be ready to jump on the best bargains as soon as they land. That means arming your mobile devices with the right apps ahead of Black Friday.

Pretty much all major UK retailers (and their US counterparts) offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS, so stockpile your home screen with all your favourite stores. We’d recommend Amazon, John Lewis, Currys and Argos as a bare minimum. Many of these will give you push notifications to let you know when sales begin or products you’re interested in are discounted.

Get your espresso machine ready

Black Friday deals literally run around the clock, so the truly committed to bargain hunting are rewarded with the big savings. This might mean burning the midnight oil in the name of a discount, as there will be some great deals late into the evening, if not straight through to the early hours.

Amazon in particular is fond of scheduling some big deal drops for the early hours, so you’ll want to break out the espresso shots if you want to avoid disappointment. Some deals will appear out of nowhere with no warning, so you don’t want to get caught unawares.

Argos as already said that the quietest time to shop is 3am to 4am on Black Friday, so if you’re looking for the most stress-free time to not be fighting to get on the Argos site, that might be your best bet.

We’ll have a team monitoring deals into the most ungodly of hours so you can always keep your sights locked to Trusted Reviews if you want to stay on top of the best Black Friday deals.

Check the returns policy and warranty

If you’re slightly undecided about whether or not you want something in the Black Friday sales – but simply can’t resist a bargain – be sure to check the returns policy. Provided the returns policy allows a hassle-free return, you can always decide later on.

Factor in whether or not you need to cover the cost of shipping a product back to the retailer, however, otherwise your indecisiveness can leave you out of pocket.

Also, don’t forget about the warranty on any prospective purchases. You’ll typically get a year as standard, but retailers like John Lewis often give you an extended warranty. On a big ticket purchase like a TV this can really add a lot of value. Many of John Lewis’ TV deals have a five-year warranty, which gives you a lot of peace of mind. This is on top of price-matching its rivals, so in this case opting for John Lewis is a no-brainer for the extra customer service.

Save yourself the hassle

We’ve survived more Black Fridays than most here at Trusted Reviews so we know our way around. With Black Friday 2018 headed our way again, we really do think we can help you find the very best deals without all the hassle.

You won’t find any long, indiscriminately compiled link dumps here – just stuff we rate and would buy ourselves. All the deals we feature are carefully vetted by our expert editors for the quality of the product and the bargain nature of the deal.

If you want to cut-out a fair bit of legwork when deal-hunting, check back regularly for all the latest and greatest savings.

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