Best Apple Watch 4 Deals: Where to preorder Apple’s latest smartwatch

Best Apple Watch 4 Preorder Deals: The Apple Watch Series 4 is coming and we have everything you need to know, including where to find the best preorder prices.

With each iteration of the Apple Watch, the market-leading smartwatch has only gotten better and with the Apple Watch 4, it looks to be business as usual. The Apple Watch 4 is touted as being twice as fast as the Apple Watch 3 and there’s a plethora of new features regarding health and personal safety. Before all that however, we’ve got some deals to attend to.

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We’ve scouted through all the major retailers to present you with only the best preorder prices for the Apple Watch 4, giving you everything you need in one simple place.

If you want to know more about the Apple Watch 4 specs then scroll on past the forthcoming deals and check out our detailed guide.

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Apple Watch 4 Preorder Deals – Currys

Currys has listed the various Apple Watch 4 prices on its online store. At its cheapest, the Apple Watch 4 can be had for £399, while the most expensive variant will set you back £799.

Apple Watch 4 Preorder Deals – Argos

If Argos is your preferred retailer of choice then you’re in luck, the company still has plenty of stock left for its Apple Watch 4 preorders.

Apple Watch 4 Preorder Deals – EE

If you’d much rather split spread the cost of your new Apple Watch 4 over time then don’t worry, EE has you covered. With no upfront cost, a new Apple Watch 4 could only set you back £29 each month. Get in.

New Apple Watch 4 Specs

Several new features can be found on the Apple Watch 4 but none were so touted as the watch’s new health aspects. With an endorsement from America’s FDA, the Apple Watch 4 is capable of performing an electrocardiogram (ECG), which can detect heart arrhythmia.

Thanks to the Apple Watch 4’s new and improved gyroscope, it can now detect whenever you suffer a fall, based on the predicted movements of the human body. The Apple Watch 4 will then give you the chance to contact the relevant authorities. If you don’t get back on your feet within a minute, then the Apple Watch 4 will go ahead and initiate a call with the same authorities to get you the help you need.

Watch faces have also been updated to now include up to eight complications (instant buttons and information to you and me). In addition, Apple has also included entirely new complications such as one-tap contact buttons to put you in touch with your friends and family quicker than ever.

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