Apple Watch Black Friday – Deals we expect and discounts live now

Apple Watch Black Friday: If you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the best deals, as well as what you can expect from Black Friday.

If you’re looking to get yourself a smartwatch and your chosen smartphone is an iPhone, there really is no choice to make. It’s Apple Watch all the way.

You shouldn’t feel too bad for this apparent lack of choice – the Apple Watch just happens to be the best smartwatch on the market. It’s simply got the best balance of everyday smartwatch features and fitness tracking capabilities – and it looks and feels great, too.

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Now that the newer Apple Watch Series 4 has arrived, it means older models have been heavily discounted if you don’t need the absolute latest model on your wrist.

Add in Apple’s typically strong legacy and app support, and it makes picking up an older Apple Watch for a knock-down price all the more appealing. Jump on down to the bottom of this article where we cover some of the differences between Apple Watch models to help you decide which is right for you.

But whichever Apple Watch model you’re after, read on to grab the best price possible.

Apple Watch Black Friday

It’s worth noting that the Apple Watch may well feature in Black Friday 2018 for anyone patient enough to wait. Last year for Black Friday 2017 we saw discounts as high as £60 off the usual price of an Apple Watch Series 3.

We also saw big discounts on the Apple Watch Nike+ model from retailers like John Lewis, as well as places you might not think of, like directly from the Nike online store (for Nike+ models).

Last year, Apple was also offering £120 vouchers on certain purchases when buying direct, which made for a tasty discount for those looking to pick up other Apple devices down the line.

We’re reasonably optimistic that even the Apple Watch Series 4 will have some discounts this Black Friday, even though it’s only just recently been released.

For those of you not wanting to wait a few more months to pick up an Apple Watch in Black Friday, we’ve rounded up the best Apple Watch deals you can pick up right now.

Apple Watch Deals Live Now

All prices were correct at time of publication but are subject to change. If you see a deal you’re interested in, act fast before it’s gone.

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Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Series 4 Deals – GPS + Cellular

Apple Watch Series 4, GPS and Cellular, 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Black

If you want always-on connectivity, then you'll want the Cellular model. There aren't any real discounts on this new model, but go with John Lewis for the extra warranty.

Apple Watch Series 4, GPS and Cellular, 44mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Black

There's also the new 44mm option for those with larger wrists (or just wanting a bigger display).

Best Apple Watch Series 4 Deals – GPS

Apple Watch Series 4, GPS, 40mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Black

Don't expect massive discounts on this new model just yet, but going with John Lewis does get you an extended 2-year warranty over anywhere else.

Apple Watch Series 4, GPS, 44mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Black

For £30 more you can also opt for the larger 44mm model with the same 2-year warranty.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Deals – GPS + LTE

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS and Cellular, 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Sport Band, Soft White

A massive saving on this 38mm model with more premium stainless steel case. It's reduced to clear so it might not be around for long. This also includes a 2-year warranty.

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS and Cellular, 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Sport Band, Grey

Now that the Series 4 is here, you can pick up the larger 42mm for a massive discount, too. You also get John Lewis' excellent 2-year warranty.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Deals – GPS

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 38mm – Space Grey

The lowest price of entry for buying an Apple Watch 3 right now. Going through John Lewis also nabs you a 2-year warranty.

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 42mm – Space Grey

A big saving here now that the Series 3 is no longer the latest model.

Best Apple Watch accessories deals

UGREEN 4400mAh portable charger

UGREEN Apple Watch

If you need a way to keep your Apple Watch’s battery topped up while you’re on the move, perhaps when travelling for work, this UGREEN 4400mAh portable charger could be just what you need. Not only can it top up an Apple Watch’s battery around eight times, there’s an integrated Lightning cable so you can top up your iPhone, too.

It’s charged over micro-USB and can also make for a handy charging desktop dock; you can plonk your Apple Watch on to charge while the UGREEN portable charger is plugged in at the same time. It works out cheaper than buying a second official Apple Watch charger.

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Which Apple Watch model to buy this Black Friday?

There are now several different Apple Watch models available. Series 1 is the first-gen model revamped with a new, faster processor, but isn’t water-resistant nor does it have GPS. The Series 2 is a little tougher to track down these days, but it first introduced built-in GPS and water-resistance.

The Apple Watch Series 3 introduced optional LTE connectivity in 2017, along with a healthy performance boost.

Most recently, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4. This significant overhaul boasts a more expansive screen, a rebuilt crown with haptic feedback, and advanced heart-tracking capabilities. It also includes a new fall sensor, which could be helpful for older users or someone with medical conditions that put them at risk of falling. In the even of a fall being detected, an SOS message can automatically be sent so you can get assistance.

From the Apple Watch Series 3 to the latest Series 4, you also have a choice of just GPS or GPS + LTE models. The latter includes an E-SIM, so your watch has its own network and data connection. That means you can still make and receive calls and messages even if you’ve not got your iPhone with you. You’ll need a separate E-SIM contract for your Apple Watch to make use of this, and the charges differ by network and country.

You can find out everything you need about how the models compare in our guides:

Apple Watch size options

Right up until the Series 4, all Apple Watch models have been available in two basic sizes: 38mm or 42mm. For the Series 4, that has expanded to 40mm and 44mm, though your old Watch bands will all still fit.

In all cases, the larger model costs a little more than the smaller option.

Consider the size of your wrist and how large or small you’d like the watch to appear before making your choice of model. While traditional watches are measured horizontally, Apple measures its watches vertically. The smaller size has a 38mm/40mm height, while the larger sits at 42mm/44mm. In terms of function they’re identical but they do have different resolutions based on the size.

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