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Apple HomePod Price Crash: Bag Apple’s smart speaker for just £199

John Lewis & Partners has taken £70 off the RRP of the Apple HomePod smart speaker, letting you bag the device for a far more affordable rate.

One of the most expensive smart speakers out there – though not exactly surprising when you consider Apple is behind it – the HomePod has just received a significant price drop thanks to John Lewis & Partners, coming down to just £199 in this exceptional saving. Of course, with John Lewis you’ll also get an extended warranty period of two years with your purchase.

When it comes to the design of the Apple HomePod, unsurprisingly it is a pretty attractive device, as smart speakers go. Offering a curved, soft material body, the Apple HomePod stands at 172mm tall, though you will find it a particularly hench speaker, weighing in at 2.5kg.

You’ll forgive its weight however when you hear the kind of audio this thing is capable of, with our review stating, “the HomePod sounds amazing in all situations and with all genres of music. It is, hands down, the best-sounding smart speaker of them all. Technically speaking, the HomePod is a mono speaker, but it goes beyond this with the seven tweeters wrapping you in sound; it’s not stereo, but it’s more involving than traditional mono.”

In terms of features, the HomePod comes equipped with voice assistance from Apple’s very own Siri. The smart speaker can also adapt its sound to fit its environment, whether it’s tucked away on a bookshelf, or on an island in an open-plan kitchen.

There are also a ton of features, though it’s worth reminding that the HomePod is only really suited for iPhone users – so if your household is a mixed bag of iPhone and Android, you might want to reconsider. However, in terms of other features for the iPhone-savvy, the HomePod is controlled by the HomeKit section with easy configuration with your phone and other Apple devices. You can also easily transition music from playing on your phone onto your HomePod as you enter your home by tapping the top of the HomePod.

Much like Sonos speakers, the HomePod can also easily be partnered with another HomePod for buildable sound across your home. Of course, the HomePod works seamlessly with the likes of Apple Music, but you can use other streaming services like Spotify, via AirPlay 2. The does mean however than unlike Sonos, you won’t be able to play different tracks on different HomePods, which is possible with Apple Music.

For the perfect addition to your already strong iOS ecosystem, the HomePod is most certainly the way to go, especially with this £70 reduction in price.

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