Here’s how to get an Amazon Echo for less than £80

You could save a shedload of cash on the Amazon Echo by purchasing a certified-refurbished model directly from Amazon.

If you’re in the market for an Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speaker, you could get one for a bargain price of just £79.99.

Normally, Amazon’s Certified Refurbished models retail for £139.99, so you’re saving at least £60. And you’re saving even more compared to the usual Amazon Echo R.R.P of £149.99.

Amazon describes “Certified Refurbished” as a “pre-owned device that has been refurbished and tested to look and work like new”. It continues: “The device is then certified and given a new 1-year warranty.”

Buy Now: Amazon Echo (refurb) at Amazon UK for £79.99 – save £60

The Amazon Echo launched back in 2014, and arrived in the UK in late 2016. It’s a tall, cylindrical smart speaker that is powered by Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa digital assistant.

You can use the Amazon Echo to perform a wide variety of tasks, including playing music, listening to audiobooks, finding out about the news and weather, and plenty more.

Third-party companies can also develop skills for the device, which means you can get even more interesting stuff done – call an Uber, or get a Domino’s pizza delivered, for example.

Buy Now: Amazon Echo (refurb) at Amazon UK for £79.99 – save £60

We gave the Amazon Echo a respectable 4/5 score, praising the speaker’s attractive design, ease of setup, the versatile (and ever-growing) selection of skills, and the always-improving voice recognition.

Here’s our verdict: “Alexa isn’t quite Jarvis from Iron Man yet, but I have no doubt that she’s on the way there. The original iPhone changed how we interact with technology, allowing us to control devices with apps via a screen and clean UI, and now Alexa promises to do the same for devices with Wi-Fi – but this time using voice.”

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