3D Printing Deal: Save 30% off the fantastic 3Doodler range

Looking for something a bit different from the normal best Black Friday deals? Well 3Doodler has some fantastic options.

3Doodler makes some ridiculously fun 3D printing pens that are perfect Christmas gifts, and this Black Friday we have a special code that’ll bag you an impressive 30% off your entire order.

Just enter the code TRUSTEDREVIEWS30 at checkout to receive that 30% off your entire basket. It’s valid 16:00PM EST 23 Nov – 08:00AM EST 28 Nov and regular shipping fees still apply.

Launched in 2013, the 3Doodler was the first pen that lets you write, doodle and draw in mid-air. As you move the pen, it extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure – sort of like a 3D printer that’s been massively simplified.

BUY NOW: 3Doodler Create Pen Set for $99 PLUS an extra 30% off with code TRUSTEDREVIEWS30

Unlike most 3D printers, you don’t need to attach your 3Doodler to a computer, and there’s no software required. Just plug it into the mains and you can start drawing or writing in thin air. Because the plastic cools almost instantly, it hardens, making whatever you draw into a physical 3D object.

BUY NOW: 3Doodler Pro for $249.99 PLUS an extra 30% off with code TRUSTEDREVIEWS30

But what can you use your discount to buy? Well, there’s the 3Doodler Create Pen Set which allows you to print a wide-variety of plastic colours. There’s also the 3Doodler Pro, which lets you manually alter temperature and speed.

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