23andMe DNA Test Deal: Discover your ancestry for just $100 at Amazon US

Isn’t it remarkable that, these days, you can hock a loogie in a test tube, send it off to a lab and discover your genetic make-up down to a fraction of a per cent?

It’s little wonder home DNA testing kits like 23andMe have exploded in popularity during the last couple of years, as folks seek to learn more about their ancestry.

Right now the 23andMe kit is reduced to just $99.99 (50% off) at Amazon US with free Prime shipping.

That’s cheaper than we’ve ever seen it.

Buy: 23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service for half price at Amazon US

As well as the detailed breakdown of your ancestry, this kit will alert you of any health risks you may be genetically disposed to. Scary? Perhaps. Good to know? Absolutely.

All-in-all you’ll get 75+ online reports on your ancestry, traits and health.

Once you receive the kit, you simply spit in the tube (no blood, no needles), seal it up, ship it back to 23andMe and wait 6-8 weeks for an email.

Once that comes through, you’ll be able to create an online account and view the report.

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If you’ve ever been curious about your genetic make up, or brave enough to learn whether Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s might affect you in later life then this might be the time to dive in.

23andMe advises that you visit its website 23andMe.com before buying.

Have you been mulling an ancestry DNA test? What’s held you back until now? Let us know @TrustedReviews TrustedReviews on Twitter.


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