Should you wait for Black Friday to buy the Pixel 4?

It seems like only yesterday the Pixel 4 was announced and, to be honest, you’d be fairly accurate on that front. That being said, with such a recent release, will we see the Pixel 4 involved in some Black Friday deals this year?

The Pixel 4, Google’s latest flagship smartphone, was let loose into the wild on October 24th (yep, that recent) following its unveiling at the ‘Made by Google’ event just a week beforehand. Alongside the Pixel 4, the larger variant, aptly named the Pixel 4 XL (much like the previous year’s line-up) was also announced, as well as the Pixel Buds and the Pixelbook Go.

Although we do expect to see some offers on the iPhone 11 family over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, can the same be said for the Pixel 4 with a far more recent unveiling?

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As the time of year to save big on the likes of smartphones, both contract and SIM-free, as well as other gadgets like laptops, TVs and even fridge freezers, we’d speculate it wouldn’t be completely out of the question, especially if last year’s patterns are anything to go by.

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Is it worth upgrading to the Pixel 4?

Like with any new smartphone arriving on the scene, the question of whether it’s worth upgrading is indeed a hot topic. Admittedly, the Pixel 4 may not seem like a big enough overhaul for some, but it goes without saying, from the tech giant itself, Google does make a good smartphone. It’s understandable, then, to want to weigh up your options.

The Pixel 4 comes with a compact 5.7-inch screen dubbed a ‘Smooth Display’ due to its 90Hz refresh rate, whilst the Pixel 4 XL sits at 6.3-inches. Bouncing up from the Pixel 3’s 60Hz refresh rate, this feature gives the effect of much smoother updates on screen and a more fluid, speedier overall performance from the handset.

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Bolstered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB RAM, it’s hardly surprising that the Pixel 4 runs like a dream, only improving on the Pixel 3’s still decent under the hood numbers from last year.

The Pixel 3’s camera from the previous line-up also made it a standout bit of hardware. It goes without saying that the Pixel 4’s upgrades see Google continue to soar in that regard – but is it enough of an upgrade to keep up with its competitors and, likewise, ensure you drop the cash on that hefty upgrade?

Well, the Pixel 4 does see some advancements where the camera is concerned, upgrading from a single sensor to a dual setup on its rear, cased in a square black module not dissimilar from the new one found on the back of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The dual camera consists of a 16MP and 12MP combination with improvements to its Night Sight, allowing you to capture the stars, as well as adjustments to Portrait Mode.

That said, in a world where smartphones are turning to triple and even quad camera sensor packages, is the Pixel 4 a bit late to the game? In terms of its design, the attitude is much the same with the Pixel 4’s housing still seeing the use of thin bezels with a particularly hefty chin.

Of course, then there’s the battery issue. In short, the Pixel 4’s battery life is lacking, packing a 2800mAh cell. Partnered with slow 18W charging, the outlook isn’t great. In fact, if you’re partial to heavy usage, you’re better off going for the Pixel 4 XL and its 3700mAh cell, though we deemed it only marginally better. Adding £200 to your total bill, too, the question still stands: is it worth it?

If you’re moving up from the Pixel 2, the differences will be staggering in terms of a more largely up-to-date looking phone. Throw into the mix the new camera, it’s a clear decision which sees a substantial boost from your current smartphone situation. Not to mention the gimmicky hand gestures, that might just tip you over the edge.

It should be said you may actually be left with little choice considering simply upgrading to the Pixel 3 is proving ever more impossible with stocks appearing to be visibly low across major retailers. Unless you can afford to buy the handset outright, that is. If not, the Pixel 3a is a more than worthy choice.

All that being said, if you’re a big fan of Google and have your heart set on the Pixel 4, it’s still an upgrade that is likely to bring you much joy. Let’s face it, Apple fans respond much the same to new gadgets, even when the improvements aren’t overtly vast (and I’m saying that as a big Apple fan).

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Will the Pixel 4 be discounted over Black Friday?

Generally if a product is quite new, it’s unlikely to receive a substantial discount. That said, with Black Friday phone deals encompassing both SIM-free and contract offers, we anticipate there being a decent Pixel 4 deal or two, though likely more on the tariff side of things.

Last year the Pixel 3 dropped at around the same time of year in late October and we saw some exceptionally cheap tariffs when Black Friday came around (which fell significantly earlier in November 2018), including paying just 99p upfront for the then Google flagship.

The fantastic Fonehouse 100GB of data offer also encompassed the Pixel 3, paying just £36 a month for a ludicrous amount of data that could well and truly tide you over, all with one of the top handsets around at the time.

With the Pixel 3 receiving such a shining spotlight in terms of last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we’d expect nothing less for the Pixel 4. Any remaining Pixel 3 stock is more than likely to also see decent reductions, both across SIM-free and contract offerings. We’d also expect to see some attention for the Pixel 3a, which only launched in May of this year, well and truly slipping through the Black Friday net.

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