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Should I buy refurbished items this Black Friday?

If you’re toying with the idea of picking up a refurbished product this Black Friday but want to know a little more about the refurbished market before you do, then here’s our handy guide on the matter.

Over the course of the Black Friday sale, there isn’t a corner of the tech market that isn’t hit with a bevy of deals to entice consumers. Plus, with almost all major UK retailers getting in on the action, you can easily jump between them to find the best deals possible and be perfectly content with your findings.

If you’re on an incredibly strict budget however, it might be worth scouting out the Black Friday refurbished deals that crop up. There’s no denying that they’re harder to come by, but they can often feature the largest discounts available and are certainly worth a look for any deals aficionado.

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To give you the full picture of what it means when a product is refurbished and how to spot the level of quality involved, keep reading on.

What does refurbished mean?

A refurbished item is usually a second-hand product that has been returned due to a fault or some other issue, but has since been repaired and deemed fit for purpose.

If an item is listed as ‘manufacturer refurbished’, then that means the fix has been carried out by the same manufacturer that makes the product. If the term ‘seller refurbished’ is mentioned, then this means the product has been refurbished by a third-party, without the involvement of the manufacturer.

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Is it safe to buy a refurbished product?

Absolutely, but a bit of vigilance goes a long way. For example, if you’re buying a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner from Dyson itself, then you’ll know that the product will be up to Dyson’s standards and is a good indicator of quality. Manufacturers also tend to offer a year’s warranty on their refurbished items, giving you extra peace of mind.

It’s when you’re buying from third-party sellers that you should pay close attention. In most cases, larger sellers will still adhere to a high level of quality, and you should be able to gauge as much from the store’s profile and what other users are saying about it. If a seller is bombarded with negative reviews however, then it’s best to steer clear and see if you can find the same product from a more reputable vendor.

Throughout the Black Friday sale, Trusted Reviews will be providing comprehensive coverage of the event, including the best deals on refurbished items as they appear. We’ll be using our own advice to ensure that the only refurbished items featured are from trusted sellers and manufacturers, so you won’t have to worry about quality when scouting for a deal through our website.