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Welcome to Trusted Reviews’ IFA 2019 page. We’ll be reporting from the show from the 6th-11th September and bringing you the latest computing, phone and AV announcements direct from the show floor in Berlin.

IFA 2019

IFA 2019

IFA 2019 is finally here and we’re expecting all manner of great new tech to appear at the show.

Our team of crack tech experts are on the ground right now, getting some hands on time with the new gadgets. We’ll be updating this page in real time with their impressions, so make sure to bookmark it and keep checking back for all the latest and greatest news out of the IFA 2019 trade show in Berlin.

Scroll down a little further and you’ll find a definitive guide where we’ve broken down what we expect to appear at the show from all the big name companies that haven’t had a keynote yet.

Acer at IFA 2019

Acer kicked off IFA with a bang unveiling a wealth of new monitors, laptops and desktops. The two bits that stole the show were its new ConceptD Pro laptop design and Predator Triton 300 gaming notebook.

The ConceptD 7 Pro and ConceptD 9 Pro are the first two laptops in Acer’s new creative range. They’re designed for power users that need serious computational power on the move.

The devices both come with top-end specs that’ll meet the needs of demanding creatives, videographers, CAD designers and game developers. Specifically, both will feature Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 dedicated graphics and options for all of Intel’s spiffy new CPUs.

The Predator Triton 300 is Acer’s answer to the newly unveiled Razer Blade Stealth 13. It aims to offer gamers a thin and light play station that can be comfortably carried. It may not be groundbreaking, but considering it’s super thin dimensions, it’s specs aren’t to be sniffed at. Under the hood, you’ll find a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor combined with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. The specs will be more than good enough for most 1080p gaming.

There has also been an update to the Predator Triton 500 gaming laptop thanks to a super smooth new 300Hz display and that isn’t even to mention the refreshed Swift 5 laptop.

Acer Swift 5 with Intel Ice Lake confirmed at IFA 2019

The powerful laptop looks set to be the first of Acer’s line to feature Intel’s 10th gen Ice Lake processor, promising faster performance and better power management.

One of the major differences that sets Ice Lake apart from Intel’s Comet Lake is that Ice Lake will support Intel’s new Iris Plus integrated graphics, making them ideal for photographers, digital artists and web developers looking for a boost in that area.

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Asus at IFA 2019

Meanwhile, Asus took the stage at its own keynote to announce the ROG Zephryus S GX7001 – “the world’s first” 300Hz laptop. Right after Acer did the same thing.

The gaming notebook boasts a MaxQ design Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU and 9th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU. It also looks like the laptop will have the same custom Active Aerodynamic System cooling we saw on the early prototype earlier this year, as well as Asus’ GPU Switch and Aura Sync tech.

All awkwardness aside, the Asus/Acer blunder just means more choice for gamers in the market for a speedy laptop with an impressive new refresh rate.

Asus also took the time to unveil it’s Proart Studiobook One, supposedly the world’s most powerful laptop. The company teamed up with Nvidia to cram the powerful Quadro RTX 6000 GPU into a portable laptop for the first time.

The Nvidia Studio line is aimed at creative workers rather than gamers and this laptop is ideal. With 24GB of GPU, 8K video editing, 3D animations and large datasets is set to be a breeze and accelerated real-time ray tracing means that animators and developers can really take advantage of advanced light-rendering tech.

While Asus have yet to release a price for the machine, the 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 100% Adobe RGB colour coverage means this laptop probably won’t be cheap.

Huawei at IFA 2019

Huawei will be an interesting one at IFA 2019. We already know it won’t be launching it’s heavily leaked Huawei Mate 30 phablet at the show – that’s set to appear later on the 16th of September at a separate event in Munich.

Based off the company’s recent social media efforts, it’s more likely the event will have an audio focus. The company tweeted a teaser showcasing what appears to be a set of true-wireless earbuds earlier this week. Presumably these will be the Huawei Freelace 2.

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Intel at IFA 2019

Intel’s usually used IFA as a springboard to reveal fresh details about its latest CPU family. We’re expecting to get fresh details about its 10th Gen CPUs and which laptops are going to use it as a result.

We’d also like to get some details about its 10th Gen desktop CPU plans and graphics plans. Earlier this year the company told Trusted Reviews it wants to make integrated graphics the go-to option for most gamers. With AMD offering a great alternative with its latest Ryzen line, Intel definitely has something to prove if it wants to maintain its market dominance, so there’s every chance we’ll see some big announcements come out of IFA 2019 from it.

Lenovo and Motorola at IFA 2019

Lenovo, and its subsidiary Motorola, have always been one of the biggest players at IFA. Lenovo’s used the show to unveil its latest top-end ultrabook and innovative devices like the Mirage Solo and Yogabook in the past. Motorola’s traditionally also used it to unveil its latest One brand smartphones.

The company kicked off the event with the bold claim that laptop buyers “don’t give a crap about 4K” and announced that it is working hard on the “world’s first” foldable PC. However, generally we’re expecting history to repeat itself at IFA 2019, where the company will likely unveil the third gen version of its Yogabook convertible. Rumblings suggest the Motorola One Zoom is also set to make its debut at the show.

LG at IFA 2019

Meanwhile, LG revealed that its made it’s home appliances even smarter by integrating new AI and voice assistant features into more products.


Proactive Customer Care, a feature that basically lets appliances babysit themselves when you’re busy and let you know when something is wrong, is coming to the UK. The feature syncs up with LG’s AI-powered ThinQ app, though it can also provide regular performance reports via email so users can call for help as soon as a problem is spotted.

The other major AI upgrade for LG’s appliance line is the introduction of voice assistant support for Alexa and Google Assistant. You can now stock up your fridge and control your washing machine cycle just by talking to them, which is sure to be helpful if you’re still not entirely sure what every button on your washer does.

Razer at IFA 2019

The Razer Blade Stealth is due for a performance upgrade and its coming in the form of Intel’s Ice Lake 10th Generation CPU.

While the laptop will not feature a discrete graphics card this time around, the Blade Stealth will take advantage of the new processor’s Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics engine to give the laptop a serious boost in gaming performance and a longer battery life.

Intel has claimed that frame rates will stay consistent whether you’re plugged into the mains or not, so there’s definitely a lot to be excited about with this upgrade.

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Samsung at IFA 2019

It’s no secret that Samsung has not had its best year. The Galaxy S10 is good, but it lacks the wow factor of past Samsung phones. The same is largely true of its latest Galaxy Note 10 phablet.

Its opening attempt to innovate with the folding (in every sense) Galaxy Fold also fell flat after early samples fell apart in reviewers’ hands. This is why we’re expecting an unusually strong showing from Samsung at IFA 2019.

Specifically, we’re expecting news about an updated version of the Galaxy Fold that doesn’t break quite so easily. There are also rumblings the company is going to offer more details about its Amazon Echo rival, the Galaxy Home.

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Sony at IFA 2019

Sony is one of the bigger companies at IFA. It usually uses the show to unveil everything from new phones to headphones. We haven’t heard any solid rumours about its specific plans this year, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the company unveiled its hotly anticipated Xperia 2 flagship at the show.

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