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Zanussi ZWG1121P



Zanussi ZWG1121P


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • 21 different wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: Zanussi
  • Review Price: £242.00

Zanussi ZWG1121P

Concerned about the environment and looking for a washer-dryer with good energy efficiency then the Zanussi ZWG1121P is sure to appeal. With an A* energy efficiency rating making it more efficient than the majority of other machines on the market, even if you’re not worried about being eco-friendly, the Zanussi ZWG1121P is sure to appeal, saving you a considerable figure on your electricity bills.

With only a 6kg drum capacity, small compared to a number of other machines on the market, the maximum spin speed of 1200rpm is disappointingly sluggish considering the units limited size with the restrictive capabilities seeing the model tout a paltry C for its spin efficiency rating. The porthole door on the front of the Zanussi ZWG1121P is also small, but then again for a machine that can only handle 6kg of washing that’s not vitally important.

Even though the ZWG1121P only takes small loads, it does wash these very well with an A-grade wash performance rating and a bountiful array of variable wash options ensuring your clothes come out impressively clean. Featuring an impressive 21 programmes, including a duvet option for washing bulky items, the Zanussi ZWG1121P adds a handwash programme to get delicate items clean without damaging them as well as a wool programme that won’t stretch or matt wool fabrics.

Although the range of programmes is good, they do take an extremely long time to finish. It’s difficult to figure out how to shorten these cycles, too as the Zanussi ZWG1121P is quite a complex machine to use. On top of this, the unit’s dryer takes quite a long time to get the clothes dry, thanks in part to the rubbish spin efficiency. Far from all doom and gloom, the Zanussi ZWG1121P is quiet whilst running and is available with a wallet-friendly price tag.