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Zanussi ZKG7165



Zanussi ZKG7165


Key Features

  • 6kg drum capacity
  • 1600 RPM spin speed
  • 21 wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: Zanussi
  • Review Price: £425.00

Zanussi ZKG7165

Narrower and sleeker than some other models, the Zanussi ZKG7165 is great for those with small kitchens, handling both your wash and dry demands with equal aplomb, negating the need for a pair of individual machines. Due to its size it’s not good for those with big families, however, with the 6kg load capacity lining up far smaller than the limits of most modern units.

There is an upside to this small drum capacity, though, and that’s a high spin speed. The Zanussi ZKG7165 can reach spin speeds of up the 1600 revolutions per minute, which is quite frankly impressive. As a result of this high RPM, the Zanussi ZKG7165 has been awarded a B-grade spin efficiency rating with the high spin speed meaning clothes come out of the wash dryer than normal, cutting down on dedicated drying times and energy usage.

With 21 different programmes on the Zanussi ZKG7165 ensuring you always get the right wash for your load, cycles can prove quite long. Featuring a handwash programme that is extra gentle on more delicate fabrics, the Zanussi washer dryer adds an easy-iron setting that will ensure you don’t have to spend quite as long with the iron in your hand. These programmes have earned the Zanussi ZKG7165 a wash efficiency rating of A, which means it gets your clothes really clean.

This range of programmes continues to the dyer, which has two separate drying programmes rather than just being able to be set to dry. The Zanussi ZKG7165 can dry clothes really well — you don’t have to worry about them still being damp when they come out of the machine. It does struggle a bit with drying bulkier items such as towels or heavy items like coats, though.

Although the instruction manual that comes with the Zanussi ZKG7165 is rubbish, the appliance itself is so easy to use it doesn’t matter.