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Zanussi ZDE47200



Zanussi ZDE47200


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • Reverse action drum
  • Sensor drying
  • Manufacturer: Zanussi
  • Review Price: £239.00

Zanussi ZDE47200

A front-loading, freestanding tumble dryer that uses a vented drying system to get the items dry quickly, the Zanussi ZDE47200 a strong performing tumble dryer.

Whereas most old tumble dryers would only have a “dry” setting and maybe two different temperatures, the Zanussi ZDE47200 has a full set of programmes and temperature options that allow you to get your clothes dry in no time at all without damaging them. All these programmes do make it quite complicated to use though.

With a 7kg capacity, you can fit a good load of washing into the Zanussi ZDE47200. There are some machines that can fit a lot more than this, but if you’re just a normal sized family looking to do an average sized weekly set of washes then the Zanussi ZDE47200 will be able to cope perfectly with your needs.

There are lots of extra features as well as programmes, such as a reverse action that will prevent the washing inside the dryer becoming one big tangle, an Easy Iron setting that will reduce creases and special fabric settings that will make sure your clothes don’t shrink by being dried by a clumsy appliance.

Sensor drying is something that most tumble dryers have nowadays, and the Zanussi ZDE47200 is no exception. Sensor drying means that you don’t have to set a time for the dryer and then keep popping back to see if your clothes are dry — instead, the sensors inside the dryer can tell how dry the clothes are and will stop drying when the moisture has gone.

This saves you a lot of time and energy, but it should also save on your electricity bills as you won’t be using electricity drying clothes when they’re already dry. However it does come with the problem that you can’t tell how long the clothes have until they’ll be dry. You might need this feature as the Zanussi ZDE47200 has a paltry energy efficiency rating of C. Whilst this isn’t awful it’s not good, and most other machines have a rating of at least B.