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Zanussi ZCV662MXC



Zanussi ZCV662MXC


Key Features

  • Ceramic hob
  • Fan oven
  • Dual ovens
  • Manufacturer: Zanussi
  • Review Price: £500.00

Zanussi ZCV662MXC

Despite featuring two electric ovens and a ceramic hob, the Zanussi ZCV662MXC has a very minimalist appearance, with two huge viewing windows integrated into the pair of ovens making it look ultra-modern and striking.

The ceramic hob on the top of the Zanussi ZCV662MXC has four burners of different sizes, which is important for cooking because you need to match the size of the bottom of the pan to the burner. If the burner is too large or too small for the pan you don’t get even heat distribution and end up with shoddy cooking.

Ceramic hobs are becoming more popular nowadays due to the fact that they are far easier to clean than gas hobs and deliver similar cooking power. On top of this, the ceramic cooking platforms hit their optimum temperatures in double quick time, maintaining their heat well whilst being more aesthetically pleasing than standard models once cleaned.

On the bottom of the Zanussi ZCV662MXC is the main oven which plays host to a pair of shelves which can be set at varying heights. Utilising a fan assisted heating mechanism as opposed to conventional heating methods, the Zanussi can cook more quickly and at lower temperatures whilst ensuring food is cooked through more evenly.

The top oven on the Zanussi ZCV662MXC is smaller, with a single shelf in a fixed location. Having the two ovens is useful, however, as it means you can cook things at the same time even if they need to be set at different temperatures. The top oven doubles up as a grill, handling both tasks equally well. You can have the grill door open or closed whilst it’s grilling, but the grill pan doesn’t have a handle and fits awkwardly into the grill cavity.

In general, the Zanussi ZCV662MXC cooks quickly and efficiently. One of its nicer features is that its clock is fully programmable, so you could set it to come on before you come home from work meaning you arrive back to your dinner almost ready for you. It’s quite difficult to clean, however — as you need to make sure that you load up on oven cleaner.