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Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player review



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Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player
  • Yamaha DB-S1900 Blu-ray Player


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Owners of Yamaha AV receivers who want to keep their Blu-ray player ‘in the family’ might like to check out the company’s latest entry-level deck, which is designed to match its audio gear both aesthetically and electronically. Instead of dazzling you with a list of cutting-edge features, its aim is simply to provide high-quality hi-def pictures to accompany those scintillating Blu-ray sounds.

The BD-S1900 is one of two players in the company’s current range – both have very similar-looking spec sheets and designs, but the more expensive BD-S1065 purports to offer even better picture and sound quality. Contrary to the general trend of larger product numbers denoting models higher up a product range.

Anyone familiar with Yamaha’s previous AV products will know what to expect aesthetically – straight lines, a stylish jet-black finish and an orange LED panel up front. It might not push the boat out but will delight enthusiasts who want their disc players to look like disc players, not ornaments. They’ll also be encouraged by the excellent build quality, which makes the bodywork feel sturdy and vibration-resistant.

Around the back the prognosis is positive. Most significantly you get a set of 7.1-channel analogue outputs, which is quite common among players at this sort of price but not in the budget bracket. It means you can sample the hi-res delights of Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio soundtracks even if your receiver hails from the pre-HDMI era.

Of course, owners of more up-to-date audio kit can transfer HD bit-streams along an HDMI cable, as well as sending a 1080/24p video signal to your display. You’ll also find component and composite video outputs, alongside the unusual sight of an S-video output, which is as useful here as a fuel tank in an electric car. Audio connectivity is completed by optical and coaxial digital outputs and analogue stereo output, while custom installers can make use of the remote control ports.

Naturally the BD-S1900 is a Profile 2.0 player, but can only connect to the internet using the Ethernet port on the rear, which already feels old-fashioned in the days of Wi-Fi enabled players. There’s also no sign of any network streaming, which would have increased the deck’s multimedia potential.

Charm El Snake

April 16, 2010, 4:04 pm

It's a brave person that spends £400+ on a Blu-ray player that doesn't support 3D. Even if you don't have a suitable telly and don't expect to want 3D any time soon, you might as well future-proof yourself by buying new hardware that supports 3D. It would be a different matter if the player only cost £100.


April 16, 2010, 4:36 pm

@Charm El Snake - Well, either brave or completely uninterested in 3D :D

Aesthetics, build quality and its great High Definition playback performance are it's best selling points..


April 17, 2010, 3:13 am

is it the perfect blu-ray player in terms of pic and sound?


April 20, 2010, 8:27 am

3D is the most recent global hoax. Ready for great laughs...

Visual industry should improve color bit values instead and kitsch designs.


April 24, 2010, 6:29 pm

I bought a Yamaha DVD player at a knock down price years back. The list price was close to that of this BlueRay unit and I paid £175. It has worked flawlessly. I might consider one of these Blue Ray players if it becomes available at a knockdown price, but there's no way I'd pay anything like £400!

Now that media streaming capable devices have begun arriving such as PVRs, HTPC's, NAS drives, this technology is now firmly within reach of the average person. I think this sort of legacy standalone player product has limited appeal. Perhaps they will sell to those who haven't caught up with the times, or who are technophobic (there's plenty like this out there). In my experience, these sort of people spend much less on hardware. The only exception to this would be the well healed, tech. ignorant types who buy Bang & Olufsen or Bose purely because of the badge, but so why would they buy a Yamaha?

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