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Top 5 Worst Tech Gadgets of 2016

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Finlux 65F8200-T

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Finlux 65F8200-T

Originally reviewed by John Archer 13 November 2013

A TV that proves bigger is not always better, the Finlux 65F8200-T is one of the few 65-inch TVs we’ve reviewed that is actually a bit rubbish.

And it’s not even that cheap, at £1200. Ok, that is a lot cheaper than the 65-inch competition from Panasonic, Sony and co. (about half the price) but the image quality issues mean we wouldn’t recommend it. To anyone. Upscaling is rubbish, viewing angles are poor and there’s lots of backlight inconsistency. Don’t get suckered in by the inches per pound ratio because they're so many better TVs you can buy for the same price, some of which you'll find in our best TVs round-up.

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