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Whirlpool ADG 7560



Whirlpool ADG 7560


Key Features

  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • 12 place setting capacity
  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: Whirlpool
  • Review Price: £330.00

Whirlpool ADG 7560

The Whirlpool ADG 7560 is completely built it. It hides right behind a cupboard door in your kitchen so that people don’t even have to know you have a dishwasher as it looks like it’s just another cupboard. If you don’t want to spoil the look that you spent so long getting when you planned your kitchen, this is an excellent feature.

As well as being able to hide away nicely, the Whirlpool ADG 7560 performs well as a dishwasher. It has an A-grade wash efficiency rating and it truly does perform excellently, cleaning a large load of dishes with ease (the Whirlpool ADG 7560 has a capacity that can take up to twelve place settings of crockery and cutlery).

As well as cleaning well you can personalise your cleaning as the Whirlpool ADG 7560 has five different programmes that can be set to six different temperatures. Afterwards though the dishes tend to still be wet in the machine so they’ll need time to drip dry.

As well as working well, the Whirlpool ADG 7560 is very handy. For example the upper basket inside the dishwasher has an adjustable height — it can be raised and lowered so you can put larger items in either basket. This is incredibly useful for if you have awkwardly shaped or sized objects — you’ll almost always be able to fit them in the top layer. The bottom tray is difficult to use, however, and unless your plates are ten inches or smaller you might find it difficult to fit them in.

The filter on the Whirlpool ADG 7560 is AutoClean. As you don’t have to worry about cleaning it you can save yourself time and energy, but as it’s cleaning itself constantly the Whirlpool ADG 7560 will always be sparkling and performing brilliantly as a clean dishwasher means cleaner dishes. It manages to do all these brilliant things whilst being very, very quiet and retaining its A Class energy efficiency rating.