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ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Video Unboxing review

Ardjuna Seghers



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After our first video look at ViewSonic's 7in Android tablet from IFA and a more in-depth glance at its specs in the ViewSonic Showcase earlier this month, we now bring you a video look at the unboxing.

We especially like the inclusion of a decent-quality case with side-pocket and the universal mini-USB charger, both significant advantages over the significantly more expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab which comes with no case and a proprietary charger.

So there you have it; if the device is anything as good as its presentation, ViewSonic is onto a winner. We'll have full text and video review combo up for you on Thursday 25 November, where we'll see if this is the small Android tablet to get.

Mark Gadsby

November 19, 2010, 8:15 pm

You seem to have listed this under "Reviews" by mistake. Taking something out of a box isn't really a review.


November 19, 2010, 8:22 pm

@Mark Gadsby: It's listed as a preview.


November 19, 2010, 8:36 pm

An unboxing video on TR? Really?


November 19, 2010, 8:41 pm

@Ed - Don't worry, you got the plugs right. =)

Even though it wasn't a proper video review, it was still pretty informative in one regard...It showed quite clearly how you feel about Quick Start Guides (and proper manuals as well I would assume). I'm sure the majority of people share those feelings, and don't even glance at all the literature that comes with electronic devices. Which I'm sure is one of the reasons why all the easy-to-use and intuitive iProducts have become so popular. I also think it's a reason why a lot of people will never realise some of the restrictions and inferior hardware/features of their iProducts. If they ever try some other device that has better hardware/features, they are still going to be put off by the fact that it'll probably never be as easy to use as their iProducts. Which is a shame, since I do think there are better products out there.

What I'm trying to say is, that I think TR should put less emphasis on how easy some devices are to use (tabs, smartphones etc.), and more emphasis on what the devices can actually do. Ease-of-use is more important for the casual user (which you are most of the time at TR, when you have a product for maybe a week before sending it back), not the owner of the device. If you own a device and use it on a daily basis for several months, or even years, you're going to get used to how the device works, and maybe more interested in what your device can actually do. Taking a look through the guides/manuals might help a lot in finding that out.


November 19, 2010, 9:21 pm

@JK: It's always a difficult balance as we appeal to a very varied audience. On the whole I totally agree, though. That said, surely it's precisely the ease of use issues that can be most infuriating over time?

As to the manual, I had actually had a flick through the manual for this device before shooting the video and confirmed it contained nothing more useful than 'plug in this cable to charge' and 'press the button', as most quick start guides don't - few products in fact even have a proper manual.

@Simon: We will probably look to make such videos actual previews in the future, but this product had already been previewed so we went for a more succinct unboxing instead. We're also experimenting with ways to create extra video content so we'll see what the reaction to this is and adjust accordingly.


November 20, 2010, 2:52 am

Guys, please don't try and be Engadget. I come here for 2 reasons:

1) The reviews are excellent;

2) You put your news in context in a very helpful way.

Everything else is just filler, and distracts you from what you're best at.


November 20, 2010, 8:15 pm

@Ed - I actually feel quite the opposite when it comes to using devices over time. As you become more familiar with your device and get used to how it works, it will automatically become easier to use as well. But if it's lacking in hardware, it's always going to be lacking in hardware.

For example, if the owner of a basic point-and-shoot compact camera decides to upgrade to a basic DSLR, he will undoubtedly find it quite complicated or even hard to use at first. But the more he uses it, the easier it's going to get. He might even discover new features several months (or years) later as he gets more familiar with the DSLR. It will never be as easy to use as his old point-and-shoot, but it will however, be easy enough for him to appreciate the possibilities and features of the DSLR more than the ease-of-use of the compact camera.

(Assuming in this case that the ease-of-use refers to actually taking pictures with the devices, and not to their physical size and carrying them around)

I know my example might not be very relevant to iProducts, but it was an easier way to get my point across without going in to specific models of iProducts.


November 21, 2010, 9:05 am

I loved the unboxing. Look forward to more unboxings in future.

Just one thing I wish to remind TR, when you do the review, and whether its for a phone, camera or computer, to please ensure there is a Spec Sheet.

Keep up the great work. For me, TR remains the freshest, uncluttered, easy to access tech site. Thanks.

Hans Gruber

November 21, 2010, 9:32 pm

Agree with supamario on all points. The only perturbation was seeing Ed's weird cyborg reflection. How exactly did you strap that huge looking camera to your head? And what camera was it? It was very effective, however, and led to some quality sound and video and is also a great way to get stuff done more cheaply, eh? Minimised staff and all that. Very clever. Guess you had your own CSR at TR then? ;)

I'd love to see more of these types of unboxings in future, though with a greater emphasis on showing what the device can do. Ie, maybe run a quick bit of video or a more demanding game to better demonstrate its performance or more unique selling features?

As for the product, it's looking quite good. Shame it wasn't larger maybe. For the review, please be sure to give its battery a good testing. If it's meant to be used as a more portable device rather than something used in the home then it's important to know how long the battery lasts and what you've been doing with it. Cheers. Good job.


November 22, 2010, 2:22 pm

Simon, this is just one part of our content which includes the announcement, the launch and subsequent press events, and the main product review itself.

Unboxing videos are popular with consumers and we will be following this up next week with a full review incorporating text and video.

Until then, we took the opportunity to publish a quick and easy video and would like to know what what you think.

Mark Gadsby

November 22, 2010, 4:38 pm

@Ed: A fair comment, but the homepage has two main columns - Reviews and News. I'd have stuck this under "News" (which I mostly ignore anyway).

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