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  1. Apple iMac 2012 21.5in

    Apple iMac 21.5in (2012)

    15 Jan 2013

    The new 21.5in Apple iMac is stunning to behold but is expensive for the performance you get.

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  2. Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display

    Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display

    23 Aug 2013

    Apple's MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop has an amazing 2560 x 1600 retina display and superb build quality.

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  3. Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Samsung Galaxy Camera

    4 Jan 2013

    A proper camera that runs Android and has built in 3G? Yes, it is quite nifty.

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  4. iPad 4

    iPad 4

    16 Nov 2013

    The new iPad 4 is faster and longer lasting. There's a joke there somewhere...

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  5. Barnes & Noble Nook HD

    Barnes & Noble Nook HD

    22 Nov 2012

    A budget Android-based tablet that's out to sink the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

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  6. Panasonic Lumix GH3

    Panasonic Lumix GH3

    22 Nov 2012

    Panasonic’s pro-level CSC provides some stiff competition for traditional DSLRs.

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  7. Canon EOS M

    Canon EOS M

    16 Nov 2012

    Canon's first CSC combines great image quality and responsive touch-screen control to great effect.

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  8. Motorola RAZR i

    Motorola RAZR i

    25 Jan 2013

    The Motorola RAZR i is one seriously impressive mid-range phone.

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  9. Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft Surface

    22 Oct 2013

    Microsoft’s first tablet with Windows RT is impressive and offers excellent productivity potential.

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  10. HTC Desire X

    HTC Desire X

    24 Jun 2013

    A mid-range Android phone for those who can't quite afford an HTC One X.

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  11. Pure Sensia 200D Connect

    Pure Sensia 200D Connect

    22 Oct 2012

    A stylish Wi-Fi radio and music player for just about any room in the house.

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  12. iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    24 Oct 2012

    With fewer features than the iPod touch, the nano is a sleek, 5mm thick joy to use.

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  13. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

    19 Oct 2012

    Amazon's latest Kindle ereader has a clever inbuilt light for bedtime reading.

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  14. iPod touch 5th generation (2012)

    iPod touch 5th generation (2012)

    4 May 2013

    The perfect 4-inch fun factory for those who can't afford an iPhone 5.

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  15. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    19 Aug 2013

    Samsung's giant phone is back and better than ever. More style, more stylus.

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