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  1. iPod nano 6th Gen (2010)

    iPod nano 6th Gen (2010)

    6 Feb 2012

    The latest iPod nano lives up to its name better than ever.

  2. Samsung YP-R1

    Samsung YP-R1 8GB

    26 May 2011

    Samsung's latest touchscreen player is its best yet.

  3. Altec Lansing inMotion Max

    Altec Lansing inMotion Max

    26 May 2011

    You can forget that Airplane Mode option with this portable speaker system for iPod and iPhone.

  4. Apple iPod touch 3rd Gen 64GB

    Apple iPod touch 3rd Gen 64GB

    26 May 2011

    Just how incredible is Apple's new iPod touch? Hugo investigates.

  5. Apple iPod nano 5th Gen 8GB

    Apple iPod nano 5th Gen 8GB

    26 May 2011

    The addition of a video camera makes this Apple's best nano yet.

  6. Sony X Series Walkman NWZ-X1050

    Sony NWZ-X1060 Touch-Screen PMP

    26 May 2011

    Has Sony come up with a worthy competitor to the iPod touch?

  7. Samsung YP-P3 8GB

    Samsung YP-P3 8GB

    26 May 2011

    Samsung's YP-P3 isn't just getting an A for effort.

  8. Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime

    Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime iPod Dock

    26 May 2011

    Wave goodbye to the iPhone airplane mode with this bedside speaker dock.

  9. Gear4 Blackbox 24/7

    Gear4 Blackbox 24/7

    26 May 2011

    Could this be the ultimate bedside alarm clock radio?

  10. Sleek Audio W1 Wireless Adapter

    Sleek Audio W1 Wireless Headphone Adapter

    26 May 2011

    Versatile and great sounding. Could this be the best wireless headphone adapter yet?

  11. Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet

    Archos 5 60GB

    26 May 2011

    Archos takes on the iPod touch with a touchscreen media player of its own. Updated with Video Review

  12. Apple iPod touch 32GB (2nd Gen)

    Apple iPod touch 32GB (2nd Gen)

    26 May 2011

    Apple near-enough reinvented the wheel with the original iPod touch, so what does its successor bring to the table? Updated with video review.

  13. Apple iPod nano

    Apple iPod nano 8GB 4th Gen

    26 May 2011

    Apple's 4th generation nano is the best yet. Could this be the coolest music player available?

  14. Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB

    Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB

    26 May 2011

    Creative's Zen X-Fi isn't your average mp3 player, nor does it come with awful headphones!