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  1. Motorola RAZR i

    Motorola RAZR i

    The Motorola RAZR i is one seriously impressive mid-range phone.

  2. HTC Desire X

    HTC Desire X

    A mid-range Android phone for those who can't quite afford an HTC One X.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Samsung's giant phone is back and better than ever. More style, more stylus.

  4. LG Optimus 4X HD

    LG Optimus 4X HD P880

    Updated with Video: LG's best phone to date, the 4X HD is a real competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  5. Sony Xperia T
  6. Sony Xperia U

    Sony Xperia U

    Small, cute and available in funky colours. What's not to like?

  7. Sony Xperia Go

    Sony Xperia Go

    A rugged Android phone that's not ugly or fat.

  8. Sony Xperia P

    Sony Xperia P

    Attractive, well built, and with a few neat features, this is a solid mid-range handset.

  9. ZTE Grand X

    ZTE Grand X

    The most powerful Android phone £200 can buy?

  10. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

    The massively popular mid-range Galaxy gets an update.

  11. Nokia Lumia 610

    Nokia Lumia 610

    A Windows Phone mobile that's available for under £170.

  12. Nokia 808 PureView
  13. HTC Desire C

    HTC Desire C

    A budget Android 4.0 handset with some nice styling touches.

  14. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Samsung Galaxy S3

    Big, feature packed and as fast as a speeding bullet, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a technology tour de force.

  15. BlackBerry Curve 9320

    BlackBerry Curve 9320

    With long battery life, a good keyboard and easy to use interface, this is a great budget messaging oriented smartphone.