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  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 video review

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    Review Update: What's the S5 like on Android 5.0 Lollipop and is it still worth considering?

  2. Moto E 2 (2015) Video Review

    Motorola Moto E 2 (2015)

    Outstanding battery life, nice design and 4G at a great price

  3. LG G3 S

    LG G3 S

    The G3 spin-off is a mid-range phone with misplaced priorities

  4. Motorola Moto E

    Motorola Moto E

    Motorola redefines what we should expect in an £80 phone

  5. Nokia X video review
  6. LG G2 mini video review
  7. Motorola Moto X

    Motorola Moto X

    It’s at least five per cent classier than the Moto G, but is that enough?

  8. HTC Desire 500

    HTC Desire 500

    VIDEO REVIEW: A very capable mid-range Android smartphone with a Nexus 5 shaped problem

  9. Sony Xperia Z1 video review

    Sony Xperia Z1

    A chunky but exceptionally well made phone. Apple and Samsung should be worried

  10. Huawei Ascend P2

    Huawei Ascend P2

    Is the 'fastest smartphone in the world' actually the best Android phone to buy?

  11. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active video review: Hands-on

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

    The Galaxy S4's brother can survive being dunked underwater, but is it any good?

  12. Samsung Galaxy Mega

    Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    This huge 6.3-inch Android phone will crush you puny humans

  13. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini video review

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

    In the battle of the 'mini' smartphones, is the S4 Mini up to scratch?

  14. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Video

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

    Is the S4 Zoom the final blow against the traditional compact camera?

  15. BlackBerry Q5 Review

    BlackBerry Q5

    The BlackBerry Q5 has one serious problem. Read our full review to find out what it is...