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  1. Garmin Forerunner 610

    Garmin Forerunner 610

    1 Jun 2011

    Garmin's new flagship GPS sport watch sets a pace and breaks away from the pack.

  2. Garmin nuvi 2360LT

    Garmin nuvi 2360LT

    25 May 2011

    A mid-range sat-nav with premium features, including Garmin’s excellent voice control system.

  3. Mio Spirit 685 EU

    Mio Spirit 685 EU

    13 May 2011

    A sat-nav with a 5in screen for £110? Surely there’s been some mistake?

  4. Navigon 20 Plus

    Navigon 20 Plus

    30 Mar 2011

    'Plus' means more, but does it mean more useful features than Navigon's Easy model?

  5. Garmin Forerunner 410

    Garmin Forerunner 410

    31 Jan 2011

    Garmin's most advanced GPS sport watch to date combines fitness and technology to help you get the most out of your training.

  6. TomTom Via LIVE 120

    TomTom Via LIVE 120

    29 Dec 2010

    Some of the key technologies of TomTom's flagship GO LIVE 1000 are now available for a mid-range price.

  7. Navigon MobileNavigator for Android Review

    Navigon MobileNavigator for Android

    8 Dec 2010

    If Google Maps Navigation isn't enough for you, Navigon's MobileNavigator promises more fully featured sat-nav for your Android phone.

  8. Garmin nuvi 3790T Review

    Garmin nuvi 3790T

    17 Nov 2010

    Garmin's latest sat-nav is slim and ready to receive your every command.

  9. Telmap5


    4 Oct 2010

    The BlackBerry's main sat-nav app gains a merry-go-round of widgets.

  10. TomTom GO 1000 LIVE

    TomTom GO 1000 LIVE

    13 Sep 2010

    TomTom raises the bar once more on sat-nav technology

  11. Navigon 40 Premium

    Navigon 40 Premium

    16 Aug 2010

    Does Navigon's new naming strategy come with groundbreaking new features?

  12. TomTom XL2 IQ Routes Edition 2

    TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 Sat-Nav

    21 Jun 2010

    The second incarnation of TomTom's widescreen XL offers a simpler interface.

  13. Motorola Motonav TN550

    Motorola Motonav TN550 Sat-Nav

    24 May 2010

    Another unusual sat-nav from Motorola, but this time with a keener asking price.

  14. TomTom Start2

    TomTom Start2 Sat-Nav

    10 May 2010

    TomTom's entry-level model gets its second incarnation just four months after its original manifestation. So what's new?

  15. Motorola Motonav TN760t

    Motorola Motonav TN760t Sat-Nav

    27 Apr 2010

    Moto's take on the humble sat-nav.