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Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B



Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B


Key Features

  • World's lightest full-size upright vacuum with multiple cyclones
  • HEPA filter
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Manufacturer: Vax
  • Review Price: £120.00

Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B

The Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B is the lightest full-size upright vacuum with multiple cyclones in the whole world. It weighs a whole third less than the average conventional cleaner, but still has the same cleaning capacity. Basically, you get powerful cleaning and comfortable vacuuming without having to lug around a big monster of a machine, which is an excellent combination. It’s easy to move around the house and because it’s so slim it’s easy to store.

The filter on the Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B is a HEPA filter, or a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. A HEPA filter makes it much more difficult for particles of dust or other irritants like pet hair to escape the cleaner, so if you are irritated by things like that you won’t end up coughing whilst cleaning.

A good word to describe the Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B is adaptable. An adaptable handle can be put to eight different heights, so it’s comfortable to clean no matter how tall you are, and an adaptable brushbar means that you can get effective cleaning on both carpets and wood floors even though some models struggle with changing from one to the other. There’s also an LED performance indicator that’ll tell you if there are any blockages you need to sort out.

Capable of cleaning into corners well, a set of tools will let you tackle different types of surface such as sofas, although these are quite awkward to attach to the body and they’ll occasionally fall off the hose when it use. The hose is just a little bit too short to be perfect as well. Featuring a number of small stumbling blocks, the Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B needs to be emptied quite frequently or the suction is diminished whilst it can prove to be a bit of a pain to put back together after it’s been emptied. In general, however, this is an easy to use device that's also good value for the money you pay.