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Vax C89-PM2-B





Key Features

  • HEPA filter
  • 2 litre capacity
  • Bagless dirt chamber
  • Manufacturer: Vax
  • Review Price: £55.00

Vax C89-PM2-B

The Vax C89-PM2-B may be small, but it’s just another example of how size doesn’t always indicate the level of power contained inside. Although it’s nice and compact, weighing in at just 5kg, it is also very easy to both store and carry around with 2000 watts of power giving it great suction.

It’s a bagless machine, which makes it much easier and much quicker to empty. It’s also more hygienic than a model that requires you to change the bag — you don’t have to worry about taking the bag out and getting all the nasty dirt and dust that you’ve just vacuumed up over your face and body or about breathing any of it in.

The cylinder shaped bin is clear, so you’ll always be able to see how much more it can carry before you need to empty it, and it’s very easy to empty into the bin. The Vax C89-PM2-B only has a two litre dust capacity, though, and that’s not very big so you’ll probably find yourself going back and forth to the bin quite a lot if you have a large space to clean.

A HEPA filter makes the Vax C89-PM2-B very good for those who suffer from allergies. A HEPA filter is one that will prevent all the particles of dust, pollen and pet hair that have been trapped inside the vacuum from escaping, so you won’t be traipsing allergens across the house. Speaking of pet hair, if you have a pet the Vax C89-PM2-B is perfect as it’s possible to switch the suction pad from a basic flat nozzle to a brush that removes hair from carpets just by flicking a switch — although watch this on wooden floors as it can scratch it.

The cord is slightly shorter than you’d like, so you have to swap plugs a lot, but it does have a handy auto-rewind function. For the money you’d pay for the Vax C89-PM2-B you get an awfully good machine.