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August 28, 2014, 2:30 pm

AVOID!!!! Don't pay with your credit card!!!! I booked a cab through UbiCabs for a 5:20am pickup on Thursday, but the cab did not show and the cab company had no knowledge of my booking. I contacted UbiCabs about this, and now they have put the status to Completed without refunding my money (19.90£), and they're no longer responding to my messages. This strikes me as theft.

Robko Varga

February 16, 2016, 11:17 pm

I had very bad experience with this company.

I ordered taxi for my parents from north London to Stansted for £45 day before flight.

1. 10 min before pick up operator called me that they unable to pick up my parents and suggest me alternate taxi. Shortly : He gives me to choice miss flight because driver will be at least 45 min late or pay £17.5 more for other recommended taxi. I agreed to charge me more as I didnt have any other choice.

2. Second driver came late but finally transport my parents to the airport where started be RUDE AND CHARGE MY PARENTS £62.5 AGAIN. My mum was totally embarrassment and she must go to withdraw machine. Whole time driver hold luggage and my step dad in car.

3. When I called back to ubiCabs operator told me that they didnt charge me twice and he even said sorry. After few minutes on phone they didnt know who transport my parent, nothing.

4. Hour later I receive massage that my order was canceled. I called back what is happening, ubiCabs operator told me almost nothing, only lies and excuse that they didnt make any faults.

Guys from ubiCabs made me THE WORST transport and I spent a lot of time to explain and apology to my abasement mum.

After all, they cancel order, refunded payment by card, but I paid cash without any receipt to unknown driver who was very RUDE.

UbiCabs? Never ever ... I recommend to all add £3 - £5 more for trusted company to avoid problems like me.

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