Find reviews of the latest TVs 50in + for £1000 - £1200.

  1. Philips 55PUS7101

    Philips 55PUS7101

    Good looks can't make up for what this Ultra HD TV lacks elsewhere

  2. Panasonic TX-58DX700

    Panasonic TX-58DX700

    Can Panasonic's mid-range 4K/UHD TV also do HDR proud?

  3. John Lewis 55JL9100

    John Lewis 55JL9100

    An affordable 4K TV for casual users, but a disappointment for serious AV fans.

  4. Philips 55PFS6609

    Philips 55PFS6609

    Philips gets its 2014 TV story off to a strong start, unless you're a gamer

  5. Samsung UE55F6500

    Samsung UE55F6500

    Samsung's mid-range 55-inch TV is solid but falls short of greatness

  6. Finlux 65F8200-T

    Finlux 65F8200-T

    Say hello to the cheapest 65-inch TV ever

  7. Panasonic P50GT60

    Panasonic TX-P50GT60

    This 50-inch TV proves that plasma can still deliver the goods

  8. Panasonic P50GT50

    Panasonic TX-P50GT50

    Panasonic serves up another stellar helping of hot plasma action.

  9. Toshiba 55VL963B

    Toshiba 55VL963B

    Designer looks, decent pictures (especially with 3D) and an aggressive price should make this 55in Toshiba a popular choice.

  10. Panasonic P50ST50

    Panasonic TX-P50ST50

    A fantastic Plasma TV to keep LED telly boxes at bay.

  11. Samsung PS51D8000

    Samsung PS51D8000

    Samsung’s flagship 51in plasma TV is a worthy, better looking and cheaper alternative to Panasonic’s P50VT30.

  12. LG 50PZ950

    LG 50PZ950

    While LG clearly prefers the passive 3D format, active 3D is still alive and well on its plasma models, like this 50PZ950 flagship.

  13. Panasonic Viera TX-P50G20B

    Panasonic Viera TX-P50G20B

    Ignore the drab design - they don't come much better than this 50in plasma television.

  14. LG Infinia 50PK790 50in Plasma TV

    LG Infinia 50PK790 50in Plasma TV

    It's certainly a slim plasma TV, but is it a great one?

  15. Panasonic Viera TX-P50S20B 50in Plasma TV

    Panasonic Viera TX-P50S20B 50in Plasma TV

    Where high definition is concerned, the P50S20B is a likeable plasma TV.