1. Panasonic L42FT60

    Panasonic TX-L42FT60

    What's wrong with passive 3D TVs this year?

  2. Philips 47PFL6008S

    Philips 47PFL6008S

    Philips proves it can still play with the big boys

  3. Philips 47PFL6907

    Philips 47PFL6907T

    Philips bids for fashion glory, but falls short in the picture department.

  4. Philips 40PFL7007T front

    Philips 40PFL7007T

    As an all-round package, this is arguably Philips' best 2012 TV yet.

  5. Sony 40HX853

    Sony KDL-40HX853

    Sony's most affordable HX853 model turns out to be every bit as good as the others.

  6. Toshiba 42VL963

    Toshiba 42VL963

    Toshiba's new passive 3D TV is a fine and affordable family TV.

  7. Sony 46HX753

    Sony KDL-46HX753

    Bigger is definitely better for Sony’s latest 46in TV.

  8. Sharp LC-60LE636E

    Sharp LC-60LE636E

    60in of often good picture quality for less than £1000. Surely there can’t be anything not to like, right?

  9. Toshiba 46YL863

    Toshiba 46YL863

    Toshiba’s 46YL868 is ferociously well specified and exceedingly glamorous. But is it also any good?

  10. Finlux 55S6040-M

    Finlux 55S6040-M

    An affordable 55in TV. Could this bring the Finlux name into the living rooms of the masses?

  11. Philips 42PFL7666

    Philips 42PFL7666T

    The Philips 42PFL7666 delivers arguably the most compelling argument yet for passive 3D – and it’s not bad at other stuff either!

  12. LG 50PZ850

    LG 50PZ850

    LG’s latest 3D TV, the 50PZ850, also lets you write on its screen. No really, it does.

  13. Panasonic P46GT30

    Panasonic TX-P46GT30

    The P46GT30 is the mid-sized option from Panasonic's acclaimed GT30 range, and as such could actually be the most widely desirable of the lot.

  14. Toshiba 47VL863B

    Toshiba 47VL863B

    Toshiba‘s 47VL863B makes another persuasive case for passive 3D technology.

  15. Panasonic TX-P50G30

    Panasonic TX-P50G30

    With the 50in TX-P50G30, Panasonic takes a break from 3D to serve up a very affordable and typically talented 2D-only option.