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1st Place: TomTom GO 1000 LIVE

TomTom’s LIVE was the first and remains the best data-enabled sat-nav service. But the competition was undercutting it on price, so TomTom has kept the target moving with the GO 1000 LIVE. Coinciding with its release, the price of a LIVE subscription has been halved across all its range. The 1000 also freshens the design of the device itself, including a very convenient magnetic screen mount, and sports an overhauled interface which is easier to get around. The biggest innovation is the routing, however. All possible routes between positions have been pre-calculated and stored on the device, so even if you’re travelling thousands of miles, you’ll be ready to travel in a few seconds. Overall, the TomTom GO 1000 LIVE is the king of sat-navs.

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2nd Place: Garmin nuvi 1690

Of the pretenders to TomTom’s thrown, Garmin’s nuvi 1690 is the most accomplished. Although TomTom has now matched the year of service included with the 1690, it hasn’t matched the price. So although the Garmin nuvi 1690 still relies exclusively on the less effective traditional TMC traffic service, it’s an extremely accomplished and great value sat-nav.

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3rd Place: Mio Navman Spirit 500

Although not a data-enabled device, the Spirit 500 includes RDS-TMC traffic and an improved version of the Navman Spirit interface. One of the most impressive features is the free keyword search, enabling you to search for streets and POIs across an entire country without needing to know the town they’re located in. Best of all, the Mio Navman Spirit now costs just over £100, making it excellent value.

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