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Overall then, what do we think of the A350D compared to its closely related cousin, the A350-11N? Over the 11N it offers digital video connectivity, a much improved screen and far better video card. Against this are a less powerful CPU and inferior battery life, meaning if you want portability or do a lot of CPU intensive photo editing or video encoding, you're better off with the older model or something Intel based. Most significant, though, is the 202's higher price.

Usually with a refresh comes a small price hike, but in the case of the 202 it's actually quite significant. Despite its cheaper processor, the discrete graphics has brought the price up by nearly £150 to £650. To put things into perspective, this isn't a bad price for a machine which can comfortably run COD4, but it does put Toshiba's Satellite A350D-202 into a whole different category of competition.

For an extra £50, for example, you can get the MSI EX620. It offers better CPU performance and (slightly) better battery life, in addition to Blu-ray and Bluetooth, but its discrete HD 3470 isn't up to the gaming clout of the Toshiba's HD 3650 and the latter also has a far superior keyboard and screen, classier looks and better build quality.


Toshiba's Satellite A350D-202 is an interesting alternative to its A350-11N, correcting some of the failings of 11N while shifting the focus to a machine that's more suitable as a desktop replacement and will even handle a bit of gaming. If this is what you're after, it's a good option, but the combination of worse CPU performance, mediocre battery life and a higher price mean there are pros and cons to consider first.


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