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Toshiba Regza 37RV753B review

John Archer



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Toshiba Regza 37RV753B
  • Toshiba Regza 37RV753B
  • Toshiba Regza 37RV753B
  • Toshiba Regza 37RV753B
  • Toshiba Regza 37RV753B
  • REGZA 37RV753 94 cm 37" LCD TV (DVB-C MPEG4, DVB-T MPEG4 - HDTV 1080p - 178? / 178? - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - 1080p - Dolby Digital Plus - 50 Hz)


Our Score:


Toshiba’s RV753 series scores very highly indeed on raw specs appeal. For a start, it’s the cheapest series in the brand’s current large-screen range to sport a Freeview HD tuner, with the 37in 37RV753 model we’re looking at today going for a relative song at just £430.

Next, the RV753 is also the cheapest series in Toshiba’s range to offer DLNA functionality. Though as we’ll discover presently, this isn’t quite as cool as you might imagine...

Also catching our eye is Toshiba’s Resolution+ processing system. This proprietary engine adds detail and sharpness to standard definition pictures unusually well, in our opinion. And Toshiba seems to agree, having this year apparently decided to position it more self-consciously as a ‘step up’ feature than it was last year.

Other notable bits and bobs find it carrying four HDMIs versus the three of the step-down LV753 range; a full HD resolution; and Toshiba’s Active Vision processing engine, with its tools for boosting - among other things - detail, colour, motion and contrast.

As well as the four HDMIs, the 37RV753B’s connections include a LAN port, there to deliver the aforementioned DLNA streaming functionality and as a requirement of any TV with a Freeview HD tuner.

The multimedia capabilities don’t end there, either. For the set also carries not one but two USB ports, capable of playing video, photo and music, as well as accessing DLNA PCs wirelessly via an optional Wi-Fi dongle.

While we’re in a multimedia state of mind, we might as well get stuck into the 37RV753 DLNA problems we mentioned earlier. We won’t dwell on them for too long here, as we went into them in more detail in our recent review of Toshiba’s 40SL753, which displays the same DLNA quirks. But briefly, so far as we’re able to tell, the set’s video playback is only compatible with Windows 7 DLNA operating systems.

This limiting approach seems very bizarre from the company which gave its Japanese customers the profoundly multimedia-centric Cell Regza TV last year. And our huffiness about the situation is hardly reduced by the fact that despite asking Toshiba three times now for further clarification on the DLNA state of play, we’ve yet to get a reply. It’s almost enough to make us think that Toshiba UK doesn’t fully understand the whole situation itself!

One thing we should make clear before start feeling too disheartened, though, is that the 37RV753 had no problem at all spotting and playing WMA/MP3 audio files and JPEG photos from a Windows XP laptop.


October 14, 2010, 5:25 pm

Again, the only mention of input lag is a short paragraph stating that it exists. Most TVs have input lag to some extent, so this short mention doesn't really help anyone, particularly as susceptibility varies from person to person.

Anything other than a numerical measurement just doesn't serve any kind of useful purpose and may as well not be included in the review.


October 19, 2010, 6:22 pm

Any comments, John? I see you managed to respond to comments in the Sky 3D review, so why not TV reviews?


July 2, 2011, 6:55 pm

Bought one after reading this review, unboxed and have tested input lag / display lag to be approximately 2 frames / 30ms. Not tried it actually playing games yet, but I think this should be acceptable?


October 8, 2013, 12:16 pm

I can not play mp3 & mp4 files via usb port....which audieo file suppert by this lcd??

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