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November 20, 2011, 2:18 pm

I had made use of the App, which seemed to get around an issue I had on my work laptop with checking availability (which never seemed to work on the web page).
My issue is with Top Table in general and its principles....
I recently dined at a restaurant booked through Top Table (the App) and was served raw fish in a fish pie - not just undercooked, but grey, and cold.
I duly completed my Top Table review which used the words 'raw' and 'uncooked" and they point blank refused to publish it.
I said I would tone down the words that they claimed were 'libellous' but was told I could not resubmit a review once submitted.
Absolutely corrupt and a useless review site. The whole point of a review site is that you review the experience honestly. If it is poor you say so.
They argued that my review might stop others going to the restaurant - errr, isn't that the point of a review site? A good review means more customers...a poor review means less customers.

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