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Best Cameras 2015: 16 best cameras you can buy

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Sony Alpha A5000

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Sony Alpha A5000

Originally reviewed by Jon Devo 14 March 2014

Key features:

  • 20-megapixel APS-C sensor
  • 3-inch 460k-dot screen
  • Wi-Fi

Who's it for? Beginners who want a decent compact system camera at an affordable price. It isn't fancy but it's a good starter and it's compact.

If you’re after pure value for money in a CSC, you can’t do much better than the Sony A5000. Now it has been out for a while, you can pick one up – with kit lens – for as little as £270. That’s a staggering bargain when you consider the lens alone sells for almost as much. For that price, you get a great APS-C sensor camera, getting you better low-light versatility than any bridge or compact at this level. And as it’s part of a wider system, you can always upgrade the body if you outgrow it. As you’d expect, there are a few body limitations at the price. Its continuous AF isn’t top-notch and the rear LCD struggles a bit in bright daylight. If you’re looking for a first proper camera that’s not scarily expensive, the A5000 fits the bill perfectly.

Price: £269

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