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Best Camera 2015: 16 best cameras you can buy

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Nikon D750
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Nikon D750

Originally reviewed by TrustedReviews 10 October 2014

Key features

  • 24.3-megapixel full-frame sensor
  • 3.2-inch tilt screen
  • 100 - 51200 ISO range

Who's it for? Serious photographers who want to switch to full-frame photography – it's arguably the full-frame camera to have right now.

This is not Nikon’s top-end full-frame DSLR, not by a long shot, but for many enthusiast shooters, it’s the best option. The Nikon D750 gets you much of the Nikon D810, for much less money. There are also several features missing from the top-end models. You get a tilt screen, and Wi-Fi, which for some reason isn’t built into the £2700 D810. We’ll grant that manual control and image quality is slightly better in that higher-end camera, but the Nikon D750 makes a pretty compelling case for itself.

The only thing to question these days is whether you really want a DSLR. Sony's A7 II  offers full-frame performance in a more stylish, more compact CSC frame.

Price: £1,799

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